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Citizen Pocket LCD-Television (mod.04TA-2HB) 85?, Japan LCD 122*148 dot matrix. Mirror for room light and external backlight unit b/n TV receiver. Tuning, vol, brightness controls. Jack for ANT, video, EAR nd 4x AAA or accu, ext 6V miniplug (-centre); (2 x AA external backlight) One of the early LCD TV receiver Good, working. With illuminator, missing battery cover
Casio LCD Color TV-500 89, Japan LCD passive matrix display (1" color), backlighted TV receiver, digital tuning, vol, col, bright controls. Jack for ANT, video, EAR nd 4x AA, ext 6V miniplug (-centre) Very small Very good, working. With glove
Sinclair FTV1/C 85, UK Flat 2" b/n CRT multistandard b/n TV receiver. Tuning, vol, EAR jack Ferranti ZN401E2, 10 trans 1x P500 (Polaroid Lithium Power Pack 6V), ext miniplug 6V (-centre) One of the early portable TV receiver. Innovative Sinclair CRT technology Very good, working
Sanyo TPM2170 nd, Japan 3" CRT, LCD 6 digits multistandard b/n TV receiver with alarm clock, radio AM/FM uPC1018C (NEC), HA11229, TC4081BC, other 2 IC 5x AA or ni-cd battery pack + 1x button cell (clock), ext plug 9V (-centre) nice small TV receiver Sufficient, working
Canon ION Still video camera RC-260 90?, Japan LCD (for space/battery status, clock settings). Video composite output. 230,000 pixel CCD, analogic recording on 2" floppy disk (50 photos). Hour/data recording, nd 8V pb Canon battery pack. 1x lithium as backup One of the early digital photo-camera Good, working. With battery, cables and mains supply-charger
Nit, soccer game 79, nd LED 6 digits + spot Two level, two player game MM76EL, 2x DS75482N 9V, ext jack (+ centre) - Sufficient, working (one display segment broken)
Invicta Super-Sonic electronic Master Mind 77, made in Hong Kong Fluo 8+1 Master Mind game, level selection, buzzer nd 2x AA - Good Working
Texas Instruments Clementoni, Dotto contaparla 88 no display, only voice Talking educational toy nd 4x AA - Good Working
Texas Instruments Grillo Parlante nd Fluo Alphanumeric  Talking educational toy nd 4x C Italian version of Speak & Spell Good Working
Casio VL-Tone VL-1 81 LCD  Electronic music synthesizer with calculator  nd 4x AA, ext plug (-centre) - Very Good, Working
Dubreq Studios Limited, Stylophone nd, UK Electronic music synthesizer with vibrato effect  4 trans 9V - Very Good, Servicing
TI Language Translator 79 Alphanumeric fluo display Speaking translator with cartridge for english-italian and other european languages nd 4x AA, ext 6V plug First professional digital voice appliance As new, working. With bag, user manual
Friend Amis Ami Memory System FA-300 79, USA Alphanumeric fluo display Translator with cartridge for french-italian nd 4x AA, ext 6V plug - Good, working
Sharp IQ3100 nd LCD (yellow) Alphanumeric  translator: GB, FR, IT, D, JP, Es nd 2x lithium - Sufficient, servicing
Interpreter TP8000 1989, made in Hong Kong LCD Alphanumeric 22 digits Speaking translator: GB, FR, IT, D, Es nd 4x AAA, ext plug 6V - Good, working
Brother EP-44 198x LCD 15 char alphanumeric  Electronic typewriter with wp, calculator and terminal emulator. RS232c, 4KB mem. Thermal o thermal transfer printer nd 4x A battery, ext 6V plug - Very good, working

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