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Atari PcFolio (italian version of Portfolio) 89/90, Japan LCD gaphic, 8 x 40 (text) Organizer, PC-compatible with proprietary interface. DIP-DOS (MS-DOS 2.11 compat.) and  Lotus 1-2-3 compat. spreadsheet 128KB RAM, CPU 80C88 3x AA, or ext 6V miniplug (+ centre) First integrated pc-organizer. projected by DIP (UK) Bad, working
Poqet PC 89/90, Japan Reflective LCD CGA Turbo, boot ROM with DOS and tools, 2x slot PCMCIA type 1, italian keyboard, external: 1,44 MB FDD, bags, serial and parallel 640 KB RAM, CPU NEC 2x AA (4 x AA for the external FDD) First true pc handheld Good, working
Memorex Supermini 199x Reflective LCD CGA Turbo, boot ROM with DR-DOS and tools, 1 slot PCMCIA type 1; integrated standard serial and parallel port 1 MB RAM, CPU NEC 4x AA, power supply 220V-5V Crisp display, example of low cost OEM handheld pc clone Very good, working.
HP-95lx 91, USA LCD CGA Organizer, pc-compatible with IR and serial interface 1 slot PCMCIA type I. With Lotus 1-2-3. 512KB RAM, CPU NEC V30 2x AA, or ext Powerful integrated pc-organizer Good, working
Sharp PC-3100 nd, Japan Reflective LCD CGA ROM with MS-DOS 3.3 and tools, 2x slot PCMCIA type 1 (proprietary connectors for serial and parallel int) 2MB RAM, CPU 8088-comp (10MHz) 3x AA + 1 x lithium CR2016, ext 6.3V (+ centre) Sufficient, servicing
Olivetti Quaderno Mod: PT-XT-20 1992, made in Japan Reflective LCD, AT&T-CGA 640x400 pixel 20MB HD, boot ROM, 1 slot PCMCIA type 1; serial/parallel/floppy (proprietary connectors), audio interface and micro for voice recording 1 MB RAM, 32KB VRAM, CPU NEC V30HL (16MHz) 6x AA or ni-cd battery pack 7,2V, power supply/charger 110/220V-12V Voice recording feature. Nice design As new, (HD failure).

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