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Rockwell AIM-65 1981 20 alphanumeric LED Slot for bus, I/O, tape interface, printer missing 1 KB RAM, 8 KB ROM, CPU 6502 (1 MHz) 12 to 5V power supply Early boad computer  Good, servicing
Commodore VIC 20 1981, Germany TV, or composite monitor Slot for bus, I/O, digital tape, printer/disk; connector for joystick interface. CBM Basic v.2.0 5 KB RAM, CPU MOS 6502 (1 MHz), video & audio processors 220V power supply First color home computer.With game and 16K memory cartridges, RF unit, tape recorder  Very good, working. 
Texas Instruments TI-99 4/A 1981/82, assembled in Italy monitor or TV with ext modulator Slot for cartridge, tape interface 16 KB RAM, CPU TMS9900 (3,3MHz) Power supply 220 to 16+8 V AC First 16 bit console-home computer.With modulator, chess cartridge and Speech syntesizer Good, working. 
Sony Hit-Bit HB-75 1984?, Japan TV, SCART or external composite monitor 2 slot standard MSX cartridge, cassette interface, external 3,5" 360KB FDD, MSX Basic, MSX-DOS on disk 64 KB RAM, 16 KB VRAM, CPU Z80 (3,58 MHz), video & audio processors Internal 220V power supply One of the best MSX 1 computers. With manuals, FDD unit, cartridges for RS232 port and 4KB SRAM storage  Very good, working 
Philips NMS-8245 1987, nd TV, SCART or external composite monitor 2 slot MSX2, cassette interface, internal 3,5" 720KB FDD, MSX Basic 2.0, RTC 128 KB RAM, 128 KB VRAM, 64 KB ROM CPU Z80 (3,58 MHz), video & audio processors Internal 220V power supply MSX 2 computer  Good, working
Apple Macintosh Plus 1987, Ireland Built in mono 9" CRT (512x342 pixel) GUI computer, FDD 3,5" (800KB), mouse, serial, audio and SCSI port 1MB (expanded 4MB) RAM, CPU MC68000 8 MHz 220V, (mod.523 4.5V backup battery) One of the early famous computer with graphical user interface Very good working
Amiga 600 HD 1992 RGB/composite, TV Graphic home computer, with FDD 3,5" and HD 20 MB 1MB+ 1 MB (exp) RAM, CPU MC68000 7,14 MHz Mains power adapter Compact second generation of Amiga machine  Very good working

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