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Psion Organizer II XP 1987 LCD (16x2 char) Organizer software with compiled basic OPL environment. 3 slots  32 KB RAM + 32 KB ROM CPU Hitachi HD6303X (0,912MHz) 9V batt Psion companion handheld. (Calendar stop year 2000) Very good, working
Psion Organizer II LZ 1989 LCD (20x4 char) Organizer software with compiled basic OPL environment. 3 slots  32 KB RAM + 64 KB ROM CPU Hitachi HD6303X (0,912MHz) 9V batt Next generation Psion handheld.  Very good, working. With box, manuals and optional serial RS232 interface
HP-18c Business Consultant 87, made in USA LCD (4 line graphic) programmable business (1200 bytes), date-clock, appointment, IR link for printer nd 3x N cell First clamshell case, first algebraic HP calculator Good, working
Sharp IQ-7100M nd, Japan LCD graphic screen Organizer with clock, I/O, 32K sram card nd 3x lithium cell Card for extra feature Good, working
Casio Digital Diary SF-4000 nd Japan LCD display Organizer + calculator  32 KB RAM 2x lithium Organizer without clock Good, working
HP-95lx 91, USA LCD graphic (240x128 pixel) Organizer, pc-compatible with IR and serial interface 1 slot PCMCIA type I. With Lotus 1-2-3. 512KB RAM, CPU NEC V30 2x AA; 1x 2032 lithium cell; ext plug 12V First integrated pc-organizer Good, working. With serial-pc cable
Voice Powered Technology, Voice Organizer Model 5300# 94?, made in USA LCD (8 alpha + 9 + 2 digits) Date clock, appointment, phone directory (100 name), time reminder, voice recorder and recognition 512KB + 4 MB exp. 3x AAA First voice organizer Very good, working
3Com, Palm III 98, made in USA LCD graphic PDA Palm OS, Graffiti  CPU Fireball, 2 MB RAM 2x AAA One of the best PDA Very good, working
Cross Pen Computing group, CrossPad XP 98, made in China LCD alpha Digital notepad with clock, pc connection and IBM InkManager (handwrite recognition software) nd 4x AAA (unit), 1x AAAA (pen) Portable digitizer with active pen, digital memory (50 pages), serial connection As new good, working

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