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Welcome to my vintage electronics collections


New acquisition
Garrett CM30 'space helmet'; HP320Lx (first HP handheld with Windows), Hybrid calculator-compact cassette unit from Sanyo (CX-8006R), Canon LE-80, Sharp EL7050, Sharp PC-1500A, Sovrin 248, Du Mont 615, Sessagesimal Canon 8T, Sinclair Executive, Caltronic 812, Sharp CT-550, Olivetti Logos 58 (big desktop), TI-1788 III, Sinclair Scientific Programmable, HP-41CV (alphanumeric programmable), Aristo M64 and M27 (german made calculators), Casio PB-100 (early Basic programmable calculator)

Early microprocessor boards
The microprocessor before the advent of the personal computer. How some rough microprocessor boards with exadecimal keyboard became very common in the second half o the '70s as learning aids. How this boards starts the pc era.

History of Commodore
Who is Jack Tramiel? What made Commodore the most successful home computer company in the '80s? See the Commodore history from a small Bronx office to the 1 billion dollar company, and back again to the '94 bankrupcy. Understand the personal and home computer technology evolution, from the Peddle's PET to the famous Amiga. This story is written in italian.


Rare calculators

Calculator timeline

Early portable calculators

LED-dislay calculators

Scientific calculators

Digital organizers

Sinclair home computers

Vintage mobile PC



Welcome to my site. I create this pages to share information regarding old calculators, computers and other vintage electronics. I've collected a lot of small hand held calculator from the '70s to recent times and some technical information about the products. You will find useful technical information about the silicon, batteries, power voltages, connections, and other. You could use it in order to restore (at your risk) your vintage calculators and have the opportunity to switch it on again. (PT)