Rare calculators (1)

This old calculators - probably rare, probably not - are unknow on the Web. Any information you have about similar models, shipping date or factory will be appreciated (please use the mail form).

Sanyo CX-8006R. Early example of hybrid product for consumer and professional use. A basic 8 digit calculator is coupled with a standard Compact Cassette audio recorder (the only link is the power supply and the case). The unit is professionally built and easy to carry with handle. It works with mains or battery. Feature constant switch, tape counter, pause, battery level and integrated condenser microphone. Internal chip date-code is 1973

Weight/dimensions: more than 2000 gm (25.5 x 22.5 x 7.5 cm)

Circuits: uPD271D (NEC), uPD261C, 2x T4352, 5 trans (calculator board); IC M5106P (tape unit)

Power supply: 4x D cell, 220 Volt


I.T.C. This big early calculator use 9 (8+sign) seven segments (multiple tube) nixie display. Battery operated, sports charge indicator and constant switch. It's built with coated solid metal with hidden screw, as some cameras. I.T.C. is unknow as calculator builder; no model number is available.

Weight/dimensions: 712 gm (12.2 x 22 x 3.5 cm)

Circuits: TMS0105 (Texas Instruments), 21 transistors (chip date-code: second half 1972)

Power supply: 4x C cell, ext plug 6V (- centre)

Inno-Hit K10-LS. This 1973 pocket calculator looks like the I.T.C., but is smaller and lighter. It has nice 10 digits LED bar display with 2 LED for overflow and negative flag.

Weight/dimensions: 196 gm (7 x 14.1 x 3 cm)

Circuits: TMS0106NC, SN75492, 2x SN75491, 11 trans (chip date-code: half 1973)

Power supply: 6x AA or ni-cd battery, ext plug 9V (- centre)

Interton Electronic, PC2008. This 8 digit LED calculator use unknow silicon chip (TMR012) with strange behaviours: show non significant zeroes, no overflow check, rolling number for divide by zero error. According to the back label this calculator is made in Germany.

Weight/dimensions: 148 gm (7.7 x 13.2 x 2.6 cm)

Circuits: TMR012, 2x SN75491, CA3082, 5 transistors (chip date-code: first half 1973)

Power supply: 4x AA, ext jack 2.5mm (+ centre)

Tiger, DC-8SA. This calculator is very nice and also very interesting. It use a metal/glass old flat fluorescent tube (8 digits) with vertical catode filaments. A second fluorescent small tube show the negative and overflow sign. It also sports a capacitive keyboad. This calculator is built in Japan by unknow OEM manufacturer. Tiger was one of the famous Japan mechanical calculator factory but closed before the '70.

Weight/dimensions: 270 gm (9 x 15.5 x 4.5 cm)

Circuits: HD3276P, HD3253P, 3x TM4352P, BA602, T3086, 4 transistors (chip date code is first half 1973)

Power supply: 5x AA, ext plug (- centre)

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