Scala 1200


Scala 1200 FAL

Technical Data
Lamp HMI 1200W Osram. Socket SFc 15,5-6.
Shutter Strobe Dimmer Blackout shutter provided.
Gobo Holder Optional gobo holder for ? 66mm. gobo.
Working Position Horizontal +/-45.
Iris Interchangeable.
Power Supply 230V 50Hz (or 60Hz to order) 1900VA at 230V (with power factor correction).
Lamp Unit Easy access to the lamp.
The lamp adjustment is external and allows an easy focusing of the beam.
Safety micro switch will disconnect the power when changing the lamp.
Forced cooling by noiseless axial fan.
Optical system Optimum efficiency parabolic mirror.
Beam Divergence 9 - 18.
Dimensions 1170mm. Long, 270mm. Wide, 280mm. High.