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The typical Sardinian Thrift in blossom

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Yellow Cistus and Erica in the Meditteranean maquis

The Flora

In the territory there are over 700 botanical entities. The first real scientific cataloguing was carried out by the explorer
Terraciano, who at the beginning of the 20th century carried out an accurate research in this area. Many of the species resulted to be endemic, some of them even very rare, as for example the Barbarea rupicola, the Arum pictum, the Cymbalaria aequitriloba, the Psoralea
morisiana. Among maples, strawberry trees, erica, hollies, the still unpolluted nature of Pattada offers visitors a sense of protection and of absolute peace from the loud coasts of the island, also during the crowded summer months. The holm-oaks and the cork-oaks in their turn
border the road taking to the town, which become fresh and pleasant, to drive along above all during hot summer.

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