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The woods of holm-oaks

The green landscape

As we already said, the green borders the roads to the town and the areas around the town. There are prevalently cork-oaks, holm-oaks, and the durmasts, while junipers can be found on the upper part around the Mount Lerno. Another important element
and very characteristic one of the side facing the Goceano is the holly. Along the flows of water or in the areas of wells there are poplar trees, offering visitors a beautiful and colourful view in fall. For over 50 years
the whole Commune has been object of forestal interventions. Thus, above all in the southern part, the soil has been enriched with stone-pine trees. During the last years the Communal Administration and the Forestry have intensified their action with large terraces planted with cluster-pine, knowingly drawn near the Meditteranean maquis. A particular characteristic of these interventions is represented by a wood of black-pine which has reached 50 years of life by now and crowns the peak of Mount Lerno together with
chestnuts, marples and the cedar of Atlas.

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