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Sardinian deers in the repopulation pens

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A couple of moufflons in liberty

The Fauna

After, in the middle of 1800 here and on the whole island , the mammals which once characterized the local fauna of Pattada were extinct, the mammal which is still represented by a quite consistent number of specimens is the boar. This has been possible also thanks to the presence of repopulation oasis' within the state-owned forests in the communal territory. While the Sardinian moufflon has dissapeared about a few decades ago, other common mammals still present are the marten, the weasel, the fox, and the Sardinian hare resisting, in spite of the
hunting pressure, as here and in other parts of Sardinia the tradition of hunting as an atavistic ritual is kept alive. The presence of birds is quite varied instead, since they ar favoured by different natural habitats ideal for
their stay. The most important presence is that of the golden eagle, which nidifies right on the Mount Lerno, in front of the town and gives its name to a place, the fountain of Rodé called "Su nodu 'e s'Abila". About ten years ago, there has been the trial of reintroducing the Sardinian deer in an area at the feet of the mountain. This pilot project will be amplified by the subsequent trial to reintroduce also the moufflon.

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