The visiting itineraries

Itinerary 1 (indicative)

Pattada - Monte Lerno - Lake of Pattada
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From Pattada you get to Bantine. After a few kilometres you reach, on a dirt road, the state-owned area at the feet of Mount Lerno. From the sand quarry on the river Riu Mannu continue toward the river Riu Fustes Alvos, still on the dirt road cross the bridge over the river and enjoy the spectacle vegetation offers charged with great suggestion.

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Itinerary 2 (indicative)

Pattada - Sololche - Monte sa Muzzere
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You start from an ancient railway station, in the area of which there is an important dairy, a service station and a hotel with restaurant. On this asphalted road go in the direction of the high areas of the Goceano. After a small piece of road, a fork takes you to the wood of Sololche, having a park which has been installed recently. At a short distance there is the area of the peak Punta sa Muzzere, a wide panorama point facing a landscape similar to the more important one of Mount Lerno for certain aspects.

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The indicative itinerary is evidenced by the red line


Freely taken from the publication MONTE LERNO AND SURROUNDINGS- Guides and itineraries of Sardinia - edited by I. Camarda and S. Diana - n. 3 - Carlo Delfino Editore - Roma 1992

Photographic illustrations by I. Camarada, G. Niedda - P. Melis

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