Giorgio Pacchioni

and his Italian ocarinas


I am pleased to offer you my handicraft (handmade) terracotta Ocarinas, endowed with a highly professional quality.
These are copies of historical instruments made by the best ocarina makers from Budrio's School as: Donati, Mezzetti, Vicinelli.
They are copies of instruments of the best makers of the Budrio' school of ocarinas builders: Donati, Mezzetti, Vicinelli.
The strong points of my production, which has been, by now, adopted by all the Ocarina players in Italy an d abroad, may be listed in the following way:

Intonation : Stable and at 20 cent. under 440 hz. (which is necessary to make the Ocarina play perpetually as tuning instrument when it is warm and not cold).
Timbre : Round, mellow and very clear.
Tuning of its holes: Careful.
Fingering : Classical (as during the 19th Century) and with double holes in the first opening (C-C#).
Shape : Classical, as in Budrio's tradition (near Bologna) in the 19th Century, with a dome in the left corner.
Range : 13 notes in chromatic scale (for the first two sizes), 11 notes in chromatic scale (for larger sizes).
Production : All the classical models, models of my own reconstruction, models of my own invention, experimental models.
Models upon request: With no price increase, Ocarinas with any basic tuning (D flat, F#, and so on) are manufactured