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CELLULAR - Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger - CELLULAR

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bulletTitolo originale : Cellular.
bulletRegia : David Ellis (Final Destination 2, Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco).
bulletGenere : Thriller.
bulletCast : Kim Basinger (Jessica Martin), Chris Evans (Ryan), William H. Macy (Mooney), Jason Statham (Greer), Dat Phan, Valerie Cruz, Rick Hoffman, Matt McColms, Richard Burgi (Craig Martin), Eric Etebari (Dimitri), Bryan Holly, Adam Lieberman, Noah Emmerich, Jessica Biel.
bulletDistribuzione : Il film è distribuito dalla "New Line Cinema" e prodotto dalla "Electric Entertainment" (Godzilla, Eight Legged Freaks). Sceneggiatura di Larry Cohen (The Stuff, Q: The Winged Serpent, It's Alive!; he's also got Phone Booth coming).

Passaggi televisivi : Il film è stato trasmesso in prima TV da Canale 5 in data 29.05.2007 (5.002.000 spettatori, share: 19,87%).

bulletAltri titoli : In Brasile il film è uscito il 05/11/2004 col titolo "Celular - Um grito de socorro", in Germania col titolo "Final Call", in Spagna col titolo "Celular".
bulletIncassi : Nel week end di uscita il film ha incassato $ 10.100.571 (#2) in 2.749 sale. Il film è costato $ 25.000.000 (budget) + $ 20.000.000 (pubblicità). Incasso complessivo: $ 32,003,620 (Max 2.763 sale). Incasso complessivo italiano: € 572.197,78
bulletMusica : La colonna sonora del film è stata composta da John Ottman. Il CD originale è distribuito da LA-LA RECORDS. TRACK LISTING:
1. Opening/Abduction (3:10)
2. Going Shopping (3:32)
3. Making A Connection (2:20)
4. Freeing Ricky (4:05)
5. Moony's Curious (1:21)
6. School's Out (4:22)
7. The Bait (3:06)
8. Epiphany/Bank (4:02)
9. LAX (4:21)
10. We're Going To Die (2:11)
11. The Pier (4:09)
12. Lost Connection/Dirty Cops (4:42)
13. Porsche/Simple Bio (3:36)
14. Police Station (4:01)
15. Fake Out (2:12)
16. Shoot Out (5:42)
TOTAL TIME (56:52)
bulletLa storia : A young man (Evans) receives a call on his cellular phone from a woman (Basinger) who says she's been kidnapped, and thinks she's going to be killed soon, along with her husband and son who the kidnappers have gone after next. The catch? She doesn't know where she is... and his cell phone battery might go dead soon. 
bulletNews : Alcune news:
bulletREUTERS: Basinger on Line for 'Cellular' Thriller. LOS ANGELES (Hollywood KIM BASINGER ON THE SET OF CELLULAR Reporter) - Calling Kim Basinger. The actress is in negotiations to take on the lead role in "Cellular," a thriller in which she'll play a kidnapped woman who places a random call, reaching a young man whom she must persuade to help her. Chris Evans, whose credits include the TV series "Opposite Sex" and the feature comedy "Not Another Teen Movie," is in negotiations to play the man on the other end of the line. David Ellis ("Final Destination 2") will direct the New Line Cinema feature. Production is expected to begin in September for a release next year. Basinger, who earned an Oscar for "L.A. Confidential," most recently appeared in Miramax Films' "People I Know" and Universal's "8 Mile." "We needed someone who could play a strong woman in jeopardy, and she's a terrifically gifted actress," said New Line production president Toby Emmerich said. "You have to believe she's someone worth saving -- because that's the stakes of the movie -- and you have to believe that she can get to this kid and talk him into helping her." Larry Cohen, who found suspense in "Phone Booth" earlier this year, penned the screenplay. 
bulletZAP2IT: Basinger Dials Up 'Cellular'. HOLLYWOOD (Zap2it.com) – Kim Basinger ("8 Mile") is in talks to star in David Ellis' "Cellular" for New Line Cinema. The thriller KIM BASINGER IN "CELLULAR" centers on a kidnapped woman who places a random call, reaching a young man whom she must persuade to help her. In negotiations to play the man on the other end of the line is Chris Evans ("Not Another Teen Movie"), according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ellis previously directed "Final Destination 2." Basinger, who last starred in Daniel Agrant's "People I Know" with Al Pacino, is currently shooting Tod Williams' "The Door in the Floor" opposite Jeff Bridges. No production date has been set for "Cellular." 
bulletCOMING SOON: Kim Basinger Joins Cellular. New Line Cinema's got Kim Basinger's number: The actress is in negotiations to take on the lead role in "Cellular," a thriller in which she'll play a kidnapped woman who places a random call, reaching a young man whom she must persuade to help her. Chris Evans is in negotiations to play the man on the other end of the line in the feature to be directed by David Ellis ("Final Destination 2") and produced by Dean Devlin through his Electric Entertainment Co. along with Lauren Lloyd through her MBST/Lloyd Prods. (Gregg Kilday).
bulletDa LATINO REVIEW: RATING: ****. El Mayimbe here, getting ready to go back to New York for the last weeks of August and stock up on my Mofongo! Onto the KIM BASINGER ON THE SET OF CELLULAR review. Cellular (The Shooting Script) Dated 7/11/03 written by Larry Cohen (Phone Booth) with a revision by Chris Morgan and current revisions by J. Mackye Gruber & Eric Bress. The film will be directed by David Ellis (who is a dope director) who directed Final Destination 2. Starring Chris Evans (Ryan), Kim Basinger (Jessica Martin), Jason Statham (Greer) and Willim H. Macy (Mooney). The film is being cast as we speak and is currently in preproduction in Santa Monica so expect so more annoucements in the trades for the other roles as it gets closer to production. After reading so many whack screenplays it is refreshing to finally read something with a great plot, great characters, and great action. I'm a huge Larry Cohen fan, my man can write his ass off! If the production pulls it off, this is gonna be one dope movie. Simply put, next year this movie is gonna make drug dealer dollars at the box office. Count on it. If 28 days later proved anything, a great plot will go far. This script was such a page turner and I knew I was in the hands of a master storyteller like Larry Cohen. I loved reading this screenplay! This review will be spolier free, but it goes like this: A slacker surfer punk (Chris Evans) who minds his own business on the Santa Monica Pier gets a random phone call on his cell from a woman (Kim Basinger) who has been kidnapped by bad guys. Unsure of her whereabouts, with little clues, a dying cell phone battery, and bad reception, the hero must go out, find her, and rescue her before the cell phone battery dies. High concept with a capital H! If you like Phone Booth, you're gonna love this. I read the original spec draft that Cohen sold and though the premise is still the same here are some of the changes: The story orginally took place in Boston during festivities in that town known as the regatta, it now takes place in Los Angeles (probably for budgetary reasons). In the original draft he was an intelligent smart ass college university brat, now he is a surfer punk. In the orginal the hero has a university professor for a mentor, now that character is gone.
The Kim Basinger character was a biology teacher, now she is a doctor. Her daughter in the original is now a son with the name Ricky which sets up one of the script's funniest moments at a private school. Here is a dose: 

Jessica (VO)
How much time do we have?

Five minutes. What's your kid's name?

Jessica (VO)

Ricky Martin? You named your kid
Ricky Martin?! Why didn't you
tattoo "kick me" on his ass while
you were at it?

What ensues at the school is friggin' hilarious. The Macguffin device in the original was some technology, now it is simply a dvd which recorded an event. The action beats are still the same. The hero goes to the same places as in the orginal to help him on the journey only now more of the Los Angeles freeways come into play. The Willim H. Macy character was recovering from a stroke in the original, now he is just a bumbling cop. Overall, a very lean script, very fast paced, and a damn good read. Don't miss this flick when it hits next year.
bullet Curiosità : alcune curiosità sul film:
bullet Originariamente le riprese erano programmate per il mese di Aprile 2001.
bullet Il primo regista coinvolto fu Dean Devlin.
bullet Lo sceneggiatore Larry Cohen è il medesimo di PHONE BOOTH. Prima si trattava di una cabina telefonica, ora di un cellulare.
bullet Il coprotagonista maschile doveva essere Heath Ledger.
bullet Il progetto, originariamente affidato alla Sony, è successivamente passato alla New Line Cinema.
bullet Sito ufficiale: http://www.cellularthemovie.com 
bulletUscita : 10 Settembre 2004. Le riprese del film sono iniziate il 10 settembre 2003 a Los Angeles (altri luoghi di riprese: Montreal e Boston) e sono terminate a fine novembre 2003. Uscita italiana: 29 aprile 2005.


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