Corfu is a great little island in the Ionian chain, off of the northwestern corner of Greece.  It is part of Greece, yet the mainland you can see from here is actually Albania.

It is characterized by some very pretty beaches, and at least while we were there, a heck of a lot of tourists.  The island in fact is much like La Maddalena, although much larger.  The town could pass for a Greek LaMadd or Palau too.  Although, once again, it's significantly bigger and is dominated by two fortresses from circa- 1500ad, built by the Venetians during their rule of the island.  What I mean by being like our local towns is the same "domani" kicked back lifestyle that is enjoyed by the locals.  Once again, with the exception of some decidedly anti-NATO graffiti down by the  harbor, we found the locals to be very friendly indeed.

However, tourists have been visiting these island for many years.  Some of the more noteworthy ones were the Myceneans,  the Romans in 187 BC, the Eastern (Byzantine) Empire in the 4th century AD, the Venetians in  the late l5th century, until their defeat by Napoleon in 1797, then the British from 1809-1864.

We didn't do anything super-exciting while we were here.  We toured the old fortress and we went to a beach one day.  However, we certainly ate some wonderful food.  Once again, however, just like in Crete, there's nothing quite like a Gyro on Pita (gotta order it on Pita.  Otherwise, you'll just get a plate of Gyro meat).

P5310003.jpg (68160 bytes) One of the "water taxis" that ferried us from Corfu to the ship and back again.  We were parked 10 minutes out from the town. P5310006.jpg (85748 bytes) Lowering the Utility Boat down in the water shortly after arriving in the harbor at Corfu
P5310007.jpg (66857 bytes) A view of the town of Corfu showing both the new fortress and the old fortress. P5310009.jpg (95693 bytes) The "new" fortress.  (only about 400 years old).  This is still used today as a training camp for the Greek military
P6040002.jpg (60409 bytes) A very good picture of the Emory S Land with a tended unit alongside, the 688 class submarine USS Hartford. P6040005.jpg (98137 bytes) Another good view of the old fortress, as seen across the harbor.
P6040014.jpg (95403 bytes) The old fortress.  A very well preserved Venetian fortress used by the British army up through world war 2 P6040016.jpg (91370 bytes) There were flowers like this all over.  The island is definitely what you imagine when you think "Mediterranean vacation"
P6040019a.jpg (52162 bytes) Sunset over the mountains in Albania as photographed from Corfu harbor. P6040020.jpg (111288 bytes) Another very pretty shot of part of the old fortifications framed between two trees in bloom with flowers.
P6040024a.jpg (118681 bytes) A photo of the new fortress during mid-day after I played with it a touch to get the desired effect.  I rather like the way it came out. P5310017.jpg (89818 bytes) The new fortress at night time.  This was also a tough picture to get right.  I did it with no flash and instead overexposed.  I used a tree limb as my "bipod"
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