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As those of you that know us already are aware, we  absolutely love it here.  The people are wonderful, the food is wonderful, and we usually do not find ourselves wanting for much.  We've managed to pick up a bit of Italiano here and there, and we find that if we make an honest effort, most of the Italians know enough English that between the two of you, you can usually get a conversation across just fine.

We, obviously chose to live in La Maddalena, mostly because this is where we found a house.  We believe that we'd be just as happy if we lived in Palau, however.  There's much to be said for both sides.  The obvious advantage to LaMadd is the social life, what with the Piazza Umberti being so accessable and so popular.

So many people have sent me Email asking questions about living in La Maddalena that I started a FAQ page.  My email backlog for this page was getting crazy (I have 120 unanswered emails in my inbox.)   Don't get me wrong, we enjoy the email, but you may need to expect a time delay in answering your email.  Anyway, you're probably better off checking  the sponsor team FAQ page here for answers.   This is their job and their love in life, and therefore are actually likely to answer them if you contact them.  (draw your own conclusions from that on time for ME to answer you...)

P1020006.jpg (94477 bytes) Piazza Umberti I.  This is one of the social centers of the town, and this is where you can find Katrina, Cafe in hand, every day. P3040001.jpg (113359 bytes) Giovanna (guessing on spelling), who runs Angelo's, Katrina's Coffee shop of choice
P1010007.jpg (82410 bytes) A view of San Estephano island and the town taken from above P1020005.jpg (89361 bytes) The sprawling complex of NSA.  The place must be 200ft by 300ft. maybe even bigger!  
P1020010.jpg (102406 bytes) Via Garibaldi, where most of the shops are in La Maddalena P4070009.jpg (100193 bytes) One of the many beach areas on the other side of the island.  Forgot the name of this one.
P1310003.jpg (46946 bytes) This old manor house was used for a  time to house Mussolini after he was arrested  P4070013.jpg (134993 bytes) Baia Trinita Beach, on the other side of the island
P2210004.jpg (80228 bytes) La Maddalena as seen from the Ferry. P4070016.jpg (99270 bytes) Zachary at Baia Trinita, Amanda and Patrick in the background
P4070018.jpg (179976 bytes) A coin we found corroding away on the beach at Baia Trinita.  Pretty cool, no? Pc250010.jpg (105019 bytes) Christmas dinner, Italian style, as interpreted by Katrina and Ross Carroll
P1010006.jpg (53712 bytes) The three British submarine sailors who we fed dinner to.  They were off of the HMS Splendid, P3040011.jpg (137108 bytes) Zachary at Angelo's covered in "party stuff" from Carnivale