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These are photos from the area around us, but not strictly ON the island of La Maddalena. Some of this is local, some is a little further out.  Sassari is about two to two and a half hours out, Olbia is about 30-45 minutes away (depending on which route you take and how your driving habits are).  The rest of the stuff is about 15 minutes from Palau, where the La Maddalena ferry lands.  

Many Americans live in Palau, and many think it is the way to go.  We see pros and cons to both sides of it and are completely happy in La Maddalena for now.  However, if I did it again, I would probably choose some little cottage out in the countryside around Palau.  Now, if you asked Katrina, I think she'd rather stay in La Maddalena so that she'd have easy access to the Cafe every morning.

P2210001.jpg (107249 bytes) The Necropili near Arzachena.  This is thought to be a burial site from 3500BC (yep, that's 5500 years old) P3180002.jpg (75630 bytes) R-5 division did a night out at an Agoritismo, where all the food is grown and prepared on site. Babe's last photo :)
P2210010.jpg (112323 bytes) The children at the "Tomb of the Giants", a 1500BC burial mound near Arzachena P3180004.jpg (114259 bytes) R-5 division at the Agoritismo.
P2210016.jpg (120420 bytes) Zachary crawling into the tomb of someone that is 3500 years dead.  Someone stop that kid! P3290016.jpg (96711 bytes) A very old and very beautiful church outside of Sassari.  It was build at the end of the eleventh century.
P2210018.jpg (107515 bytes) Another view of the Tomb of the giants. there's actually a few of these scattered around the immediate area Pb270015.jpg (56450 bytes) This is the same church close up.  My Van is only 2 years old and the church appears to be in better condition.
P2210022.jpg (99012 bytes) Yet another view of the Tomb.  What can I say? Old stuff interests me. (no, that's not a Katrina joke) Pb270004.jpg (67391 bytes) A watchtower at Santa Teresa Galluria, about 10 miles down the road from Palau
Pb270005.jpg (67793 bytes) Another view of the watchtower.  Santa Teresa is where you catch the ferry to Corsica. Pb270007.jpg (80440 bytes) One of the hundreds of beaches along the coast.  I can't believe one ignorant american called the scenery here "rocks"
Pb270010.jpg (160197 bytes) The Cathedral in Sassari.  this work was actually done later than the rest of the cathedral.  16th century, I believe.  P3290018a.jpg (128909 bytes) Some of the rolling hills and pastures on the road to Sassari. 
P6230002a.jpg (94088 bytes) Windsurfing off of Porto Mano beach, which is on "the other side of bear rock" P6230010.jpg (58379 bytes) Ross took us out for a day on his boat.  Check out the look on Patrick's face as he gets a turn at the wheel.
p6230007a.jpg (55837 bytes) Taken from Ross' boat.   It's a photo of Sean with a German pleasure yacht in close proximity. P8170012.jpg (49514 bytes) One of the nuraghi scattering the countryside in Sardenia.  About 3000 years old.
P8170018.jpg (58715 bytes) Castelsardo.  A neat town, much like a mini- Bonifacio in Corsica.  About 100Km from Palau P8170039.jpg (111274 bytes) A very cool looking fishing net laying on some steps in Castelsardo.
P3510001.jpg (104706 bytes) The Sardegnan countryside in the mountains around Possada P3510003.jpg (77220 bytes) The mountains near San Pataleno, a small village on the road to Olibia
P3510006.jpg (93359 bytes) Castelle La Fava, about 60km south of Olbia.  Originally of Aragornese ownership. P3510007.jpg (81202 bytes) The view from the top of Castelle La Fava.
P3510008.jpg (152134 bytes) Another view from La Fava Castle.  This shows the coastline and the famous emerald waters of Sardegna. P3510054.jpg (71309 bytes) "The lost castle". clearly visible from the autostrada near Olbia. it took us 2 Sundays to find a dirt track through a farmer's back yard that led to this castle