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        Catania Document 

Document read by Gianni Grassini, I8KGZ, Naples president ARI club during the 1st International HF & DX Convention in Acicastello (CT) 20/21 October 2001

The Diamond Dx Club has been thinked and formed in 1990 by a napoletan friend group, among Casoria ARI Club. In few years the club get wordly results and great consents in the international radioamateur world, then operational and family problems, among the founders, culminated with the ending of the Casoria ARI Club and the advancement of the full managment to the Naples ARI Club. During this period of transition the Club had keep in life by some  members with spirit of enterprise wich have our gratitude. Unfortunatly, without an associtive structure, during this period hasn't been possible despatch some important acts, like for example the renewal of managing board. So Naples ARI Club, after reading all documents in archive and support by Campania Regional Committee, established that:

1) Gennaro Casaburi, I8YRK, segretary of Naples ARI Club and DDXC founder, became the Club director "ad interim" with full power; waiting for the election of managing board not later than December 2001; between Diamond Dx Club members throught internet vote.

2) Institute Diamond Dx Club web site (www.ddxc.org) managing by Egidio Settimio IZ8BRI and invite John Van Putten, WD8MGQ, that at this present time manage the WABA Antartic Forum to continue this work in co-operation with Diamond Dx Club.

3) Legalize the aspiring members position from N.... to N.... and legalize WABA and WASA Award issued from N 127 to N 167. (Update with real numbers)

4) Institute a special pool that will update the Diamond Dx Club rules in order to respect the new Club intents. 


Without a managing board among DDXC every kind of decision will be taken by Naples ARI Club.

Acicastello, 20 October 2001

           Translate by Egidio Settimio IZ8BRI 





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