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          IIA Honour Roll Mailed      



Request Date



29/12/98 IIA HR
I2VGW 2000 Idem
SP5TZC 5/11/97 Idem
IT9JPS 29/6/99 Idem
IK6RFQ 9/6/99 Idem
ON4ON 17/11/97 Idem
IK7FFX 2000 Idem
IK7JWX 2000 Idem
IK7NXM 8/11/97 Idem
IT9YSW 15/9/99 Idem
I0MOM 5/12/99 Idem
I1WNB 6/10/99 Idem
DF1GK 2/12/99 Idem
IV3UT 9/12/97 Idem
DL2DXA 5/10/99 Idem
I8XTX 2000 Idem
IK8OZP 1/5/98 Idem
IZ8AJQ 2000 Idem
US7MM 1/3/01 Idem
Call Point Name/Surname
IS0JMA 569 Roberto Alaimo
I1SNW 527 Claudio Scaglia
IK8DDN 458 Gaetano Cusumano
IK1JJB 434 Giovanni Cantarella
IT9GAI 431 Gaetano Giudice
IK0QDB 428 Luca Iezzi
I4GAS 426 Gastone Baffoni
I0ZYA 407 Aldo Zampagna
I7JFQ 400 Joe Matinelli
I1CAW 399 Rianaldo Cavagnero

I.I.A. Award rules 

I) The entities which qualifies for IIA are the islands, the rocks, the so-called "faraglioni" (stacks) and, generally, any piece of earth, sand or rock that emerges from the water at any point of the day, regardless to high or low tide. At all events, the concept of island as generally accepted shall always be preserved.

II) Links to the mainland through man-made structures, such as bridges etc., do not restrict the validity, provided that water is free to flow thriugh that bridge etc.

III) Man-made islands (such as artificial islands, breakwaters, barriers etc.) do not count.

IV) Islands located in rivers and lakes do not count.

V) The island, as defined at para 1 above, should be shown and named on the "Carta d'Italia alla scala 1:25.000", published by the "Istituto Geografico Militare". If the island is shown but not named, the name shall be deducible from detailed nautical charts, documents issued by an habour office, specialized publications or from any other official source.

VI) The distance from the coast must always be more than 50 metres at low tide.

VII) The minimum number of contacts for HF operations to be accepted is 100.

VIII) The List of the Islands updated at 31 December 1995 should be considered as complete. Changes (either integrations or deletions) will be made on specific application, which shall be supported by the required cartographical evidence.

IX9) The IIA annual listing will be published in "Radio Rivista". It will be compiled on the basis of the applications for certificates and updates received by 31 December of the previous year.

X) Any application for a new island to be included in the IIA LIst of the Islands shall be submitted exclusively to the Award Manager. In case of controversy, the Award Manager will turn to the IIA Committee members' experience.

XI) Any revision or controversy shall be considered by the IIA Committee, whose decisions will be final.

XII) Italians OM and SWL should reach 50 islands confirmed and 10 groups. Europeans should reach 30 islands and 6 groups. Extraeuropeans should reach 15 islands and 3 groups. Contacts must be made starting from 1 January 1970.

XIII) Honour Roll: special plaque for 100 islands confirmed and 15 groups.

XIV) All Italian Islands Trophy (AIIT): special plaque for 300 islands confirmed.

XV) Costs: The cost for the award is 7,000 Italian lire, 10 IRC or 5 dollars; the cost for Honour Roll and AIIT is 30,000 Italian lire, 30 IRC or 20 dollars.

XVI) Applications for the Award should be sent to the ARI Award Manager, Via Scarlatti 31, 20124 Milano-MI, Italy.

XVII) Applications for the plaques should be sent to Diamond DX Club.




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