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Daniel Weissmann, Subways.Net site webmaster:
I liked the page. Would you mind if I linked to it from my Italy page?

Giuseppe Contino, Comune di Napoli site webmaster:
Congratulations on the good idea and best wishes. Plase keep me informed of site enhancements.

Giuseppe Quarto, NapoliNapoli site webmaster:
I visited your site, and I congratutate you on the idea.

Osamu Abe, Subway of the World site webmaster:
I have very little information about Naples Metro. I could get many new information from your web. I enjoyed you new web on Naples Metro. I would like to introduce url of your site on my page of topics.

Bart van Engeland, Metro Page To Start site webmaster:
I think your site looks very nice and has a lot of information about the metro network in Napoli!! I placed your link on the Italian and Dutch site.

Mark Kavanagh, Kavanagh Transit site webmaster:
I like your site. I am adding a link to your page on my city transit fans link page.

Robert Schwandl, Metro Planet site webmaster:
The page looks great, so many details. Good work, I see there will be a lot of work for me to update my page although people will find everything on your site now linked from mine.

Umberto Morgese, a Neapolitan who lives in Athens, Greece:
My name is Umberto Morgese, I am from Torre Del Greco (NA), it is about 8 years since I came to Athens (Greece). You can easily imagine how difficult it is to me to get information on Metro developments in Naples. More difficult to imagine, instead, the happiness when I happened to locate your site. I had seen only once the whole work map one year ago (hanging in front of a working area), and I must admit it was not that clear to me... Therefore, congratulations on excellent gathering of information and presentation of the whole metro project (which must have been quite complex, I suppose).

Marco Vigliotti, from Rome, Italy:
I congratulate you on the site, it was really an unexpected luck to find it, because there is lack of information on the web about Naples metro; this is even more true when images are taken into account.

Michael Binetti, from Toronto, Canada:
I just wanted to say you have a great website. It was very interesting. I was very impressed with how many people ride your Metro each day. That is a very hi ridership compared to your population.

Mimmo Pennone, MetroNapoli Director:
Congratulations on excellent work. We shall add a link to your site in our Naples web.

Mario Bianca, Rete Civica Metropolitana and MetroNapoli webmaster:
We are happy to insert a link in the suited section, congratulations on the initiative:)).

Alessandro Risorto, from Naples, Italy:
Firstly I wish to congratulate you on the excellent service your site offers.(...)

Robert Reynolds, The Subway Page site webmaster:
Thanks for the information about your excellent page, to which I have created a link with great pleasure. I like your maps and the layout of your pages very much.

Alessandro Penzone from Naples, Italy:
Simply fantastic! It looks like we are sharing the same interest, and I visit your site every evening, looking for news. I travel almost all lines (at least those which are not under construction ^__^;;;) and I keep supporting your site. No more words, go on this way! ^__^

Richard Ricard, Open Directory Project:
Your Naples Metro site has been added to the directory today, under Transit Systems/Europe. It's a nice site, too!

Piergianni Berardi, from Naples, Italy:
It would take too much money to visit your is very slow... better give up.

Mario Vio, Italy:
Being a UTP member, I have been informed about your interesting initiative about rails in Naples, which is a very important node, yet forgotten in history of transports...Best wishes on keeping your neapolitan site updated (not easy...)!

Titty Der, Italy:
I just wish to congratulate you on the completeness you have used in dealing with the subject... Thank you.

Bernardo Giannuzzi Savelli, Italy:
I wish to congratulate you on the very beautiful site (comparable to the international ones, to which you link). I would wish an official site could work as well and could be as updated as yours is!!

Ernesto Catapano, Italy:
I often visit your site, I find it good and frequently updated. Keep on doing this way and best wishes.

Piero Lupi, Italy:
Congratulations! It is incredible that to get information about such an important project a private site is needed.

Fabio Capasso, Italy:
I am a first-year student in Civil Engineering, and I am really fond of public transports, especially railways. I wish to congratulate you on your site about metro system in Naples: it keeps visitors informed on works for all the lines.

Massimo Simeone, Italy:
I wish to congratulate you on the service you provide on the internet.

Kevin Kilburn, USA citizen living in Naples:
I just found your website and think it's great. I put a link to it from my own personal website.

Andrea Guerra, Italy:
I would like to congratulate you on your site about transport in Naples. I have experienced it as really rich in useful need to say that I have added it to my bookmarks! Keep it updated!

Giuseppe Vitelli, Italy:
I have experienced your site on future metro network as very interesting.

Sven, Pavia - Milan, Italy:
Firstly, congratulations on the site: I add my name to those who comment positively! (though site loading is really slow in some cases: blame it on the provider, possibly...)
I would like to add that in my opinion (I live in Pavia/Milan) the city of Naples is really interesting from the railway and metro point of view;(...)The number of planned lines in Naples is really impressive.
Good work with your site!

Andrea, Italy:
Congratulations on your efforts. Really detailed and clear.

Ray Bianco, Marina del Rey, USA:
Simply put, your website is not only informative, but reveals that Napoli has achieved a scale far ahead in it's project far ahead of any other place now struggling with rail transport programs. You are fortunate to live in a city that has not only vision - but also construction! We follow you with wonder and jealousy! It is wonderful how your site strives to cover every detail of the complex project.
When you wonderful Napolitani are finished at home with your system, please come to California to help us!
Please accept my heartfelt compliments on a wonderful effort.
Suggestion for the site: Clickable maps for each line which link to what is all ready an impressive archive of construction photos and maps of each district., Italy:
Congratulations, very beautiful site...a suggestion, if I can...why not take also cable cars into account?

Carlo Di Bennardo, Naples, Italy:
I wish to congratulate you on your really beautiful site about metro service in Naples. Go on this way! A suggestion: if you can, add a page about cable cars. In general, the site is perfect as it is...I don't think it is slow to load.

Robert Lawton, Adelaide, Australia:
How encouraging to see that in Naples a metro has been built and will be expanding in the future. Mille grazie for your excellent site.

Larry Ray, USA:
Thank you for the completeness of your wonderful site on the Naples Metro System.

Marco Grimaldi, Naples, Italy:
After a meticulous visit to your sites on Naples and Salerno metros, I have to compliment on you for the excellent job done, no words to describe it!

Luca Di Leva, Naples, Italy:
Congratulations on your site. Thanks to it I have finally been able to understand which the complete project of Naples Metro is.

Daniele Perillo, Italy:
Congratulations on detailed and complete collection of documents about Naples metro!

Andrea De Goyzueta, Naples, Italy:
This site is a sort of paradise to people like me, who are highly interested in everything is going on in their city.
It is years since I started getting information about metro works, so, since I found your site (about two months ago) I have been visiting it almost everyday. And I am very happy for it is visited so often and from so many countries.
I have already had the opportunity to congratulate Paolo Marotta, because with your sites we can be informed and better understand a great project such as the metro system and, mainly, check the state of works, due to frequent updating.

Luc Henderickx, Artpage site webmaster, Belgium:
I visited your nice site, you have a lot of good information and illustration about Napoli.

Luigi, Genoa, Italy:
I wish your effort is not useless... too slow about the deadlines you mention, believe me it does not depend on archaeological discoveries only. It is as usual, yet thanks again for your "effort".

Larry Ray, USA:
New design is very good! Your site keeps me updated on the progress of the unbelievable metro system that has evolved over the past decade. When I lived in Napoli such a governmental undertaking would have been unthinkable. I was in Napoli for the Mondiale when the tram rapido from Municipio to Stadio San Paolo turned into a nightmare of corruption and poor engineering. To think that it would ever be rescued is truly amazing. I have not been able to return to Napoli regularly like I once did and having your wonderful site is great! Many thanks for this service.

Gianluca Toscano, Naples, Italy:
Congratulations on your site and many thanks since you help me not to feel too odd in following my interest in metro systems.

Leroy W. Demery, Jr, Senior Associate,
Thank you for your excellent Naples Metro System Unofficial Site.

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