Cilea - Quattro Giornate

Linea 1
Station in use since April 5, 2001. Underground level station.

Linea 5
Station to be built by 2010.

Linea 7
Station to be built by 2010.

For a drawing of interchange node project, please click here (copyright: Il Mattino).

Linea 1 station has two platforms at different depth levels: one is 32 metres deep and the other 41.5.
News (in Italian - from La Repubblica) describing the Linea 1 station.
More news (in Italian - from La Repubblica) describing the Linea 1 station.

On March 13 2001 programming plan has been signed by Regione Campania, Comune di Napoli, Linea1 and Circumflegrea: decision has been taken to build Cilea station of Circumflegrea (Linea5 and Linea7), and to connect it to the homonimous station of Linea1. This will be achieved by means of tapis roulants, 4 lifts and 6 escalators. Station depth: 100 metres, the deepest station on Earth.
Works to start in 2002 and to end in 2005, cost 77 billion Lire. The system will allow to transport around 1000 passengers per hour during rush hours. See news (in Italian) from La Repubblica, or news (in Italian) from Il Mattino.

Also see news #1 and news #2 (in Italian) - from Il Mattino.


December 3, 2005: CIPE has funded 323 million euros for Naples metro works: 42.2 millions for Montesanto station (Linea 5 and Linea 7), 61.1 millions for Cilea - Quattro Giornate interchange node (Linea 1, Linea 5 and Linea 7) to complete by 2010, 119.7 millions for the section Capodichino - Centro Direzionale (Linea 1) and 100 millions for the section San Pasquale - Municipio (Linea 6) (see news and table - in Italian - from Il Mattino).

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Collana Stadium home of Internapoli FC

For details about trains and control devices of Linea 1 click Ansaldo Breda.

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