Inter-Religious prayer for world peace.









This is the advice for those who practice good deeds and follow the path of peace.



Nobody shall wish evil and look at others with hatred feelings.

Nobody shall abuse or oppress others, humiliate or denigrate.

Nobody shall deceive others or despise others or bear grudges against others.



Brother, donít run after the empty appearance and donít aim for worldly success.

Free yourself from the passions that blind and destroy,

but nurture passion for that which is good, true and right.



Share others joy and sufferance as if they were your own

and give happiness and confidence to everybody.

Respect all forms of life

and treat every human being as your brother.



Try always to keep your heart pure

and to be just in front of God and the people.


Life arises from the Truth, shall turn towards Truth and finally leads to Truth.




Signed by:

The Catholic, Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist communities

of Trentino-Alto Adige.