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gQueue is a gtk2 frontend for lpq and lprm working with Cups queues. gQueue software is free and under GNU GPL2 licence.
Author: Diego Bazzanella (

Screenshot of gQueue in english

1 - See all jobs in a printer queue

2 - Delete a job

3 - Support for English, italian, french, spanish, portuguese, german, russian, dutch, estonian, polish, norwegian and slovak

4 - Configurable gnome 2 (and xfce4 and kde3) system tray icons
Download (last source)

Last version is 0.99.1 (30 december 2003): download 0.99.1 (.tar.gz) or download 0.99.1 (.tar.bz2)
Read compile howto.
Read what's new since 0.2.
Read gQueue usage and addin' your language.
Help me, translate gQueue in your language, edit en.po file and send it to me.

Download (binary)

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