USAGE and ADDIN' A NEW LANGUAGE Gqueue options explampes: gQueue uses LANGUAGES invoronment variable to set menu language. To force language to pt (poRtuguese) run: gqueue --LANGUAGE=pt you can find language supported with: gqueue --help you can set an installed skin with: gqueue --SKIN='skinname' (to create a new skin read README.icons file) You can force gqueue to not use system tray with: gqueue --no_system_tray To force language french without system tray support use: gqueue --no_system_tray --LANGUAGE=fr Addin' new language xx to project: 1 - write your xx.po from an existing .po file in po directory 2 - put xx.po in po/ directory 3 - add xx in var ALL_LINGUAS in file 4 - add xx in LINGUAS file in po/ directory 5 - add "if(!strcmp(l,"xx")) return TRUE;" in "lingua_supportata" function at the end of src/main.c 6 - type: ./ (you must have "automake1.6" installed) 7 - type: ./configure 8 - type: ./make 9 - type: ./make install (as root) 10 - type: ./gqueue --LANGUAGE=xx 11 - send your xx.po file to (so I'll add it in next release, thanks)