mynetmonitor Project Page

Mynetmonitor is a gtk2 net monitor with system tray support in which you can choose the interface to monitor and set a connect/disconnect command.

Mynetmonitor is free and under GNU GPL2 licence.

Author: Diego Bazzanella (

Screenshot of mynetmonitor

1 - Shows various status icons in gnome2, kde3, xfce4 system tray

2 - Uses connect and disconnect commands, shows net speeds and times

Last version is 1.0.3 (28 march 2004): download 1.0.3 in ".tar.gz" or in "tar.bz2" or mandrake 10 rpm or fedora rpm
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MyNetMonitor speaks english, italian, russian, german, dutch and spanish. To add your language edit po file and send it to me. Thank you!