gQueue, last version is 0.99.1 (30 december 2003) What's new since 0.9: fixed segfault on startup if the directory ~/.gqueue-skin does not exist added a context menu in main window add sv.po (Jan Morén) better choose icons window bugfixes What's new since 0.8: add sk.po (Vaclav Carnogursky) configurable icons in system tray bugfixes What's new since 0.7: add polish (Artur Brodowski) and norwegian (Thore Senneset) translates updated pt.po printer combobox now shows the list of all printers bugfixes What's new since 0.6: gqueue lock file rewrite (too buggy) add estonian (et.po) translate update nl.po bugfixes What's new since 0.5: add dutch translate russian translate fixed misterious bug fixed (crash at startup) and window manager decoration bug fixed (thanks to Franco Spinelli) What's new since 0.4: add german, portuguese and russian translates add --LANGUAGE=xx option (xx=[it|en|fr|es|pt|de|ru]) gQueue now works in background now only one istance of gQueue at a time can run bugfixes ... What's new since 0.3: system tray support works better configure now checks for cups library swich between system tray and normal mode add --no_system_tray option buxfixes What's new since 0.2: add icons add system tray icons (thanks to Mark D'voo) add spanish support bugfixes (thanks to Francesco Checco Gigli) gQueue 01 and 0.2 are initial realeases.