The photo you've seen on top of the Home Page shows the house where I was born.

It's, of course, the right one. Here it is again, seen from a different point of view.

The new one standing in front of it has been built recently, providing inhabitants with living standards we have all got used today. The old house, on the contrary, was in keeping with people who needed nothing but a protection (together with his own beasts) after a working day in the fields. It still looks quite full of dignity and shows a simple but well defined personality, with its asymmetrical pitches, the wide upper storage, the stable, the oven, the poultry-pen, the pigsty. I wonder whether this kind of building will continue to defy time as still now successfully did!

Something like the language spoken by those who lived in it since a long time: romagnol dialect.

I don't lament life standards that only old people (luckily for us) remember, but I'm conscious that a big part of us thrusts its own deepest roots into those old houses and into that language, obsolete by now.

With this feeling I produce what I did in the dialectal sector, as a simple amateur.

Son of Gino (called Gìno d' Badarëla, "Badarëla" is my family's nickname) and Clotilde Baldi (la Cutìlda dj Umon, "umon" means "big men"), I was born in Bizzuno di Lugo (Ravenna's county) in 1944.

After classical studies at
Liceo-Ginnasio "F. Trisi - L. Graziani" of Lugo,
I graduated in Electronic Engineering at Bologna's University in 1969.

I lived in Rome since 1970.

In 1971 I reached AUTOPHON ITALIANA (the italian branch of Autophon A.G., Solothurn, Switzerland; today's ASCOM A.G.), where I was employed until 1974 as a System Designer. In that position I was involved with some important projects both of voice radio-link networks and of specialized information systems, particularly for bank applications.

I went over to BANCA NAZIONALE DEL LAVORO (BNL) in 1974 as a System Engineer for Telecommunications and I had an active share in the bank's Teleprocessing network design and implementation. As Project Leader I have also taken part in the BNL's voice private network development, using digital links at high speed (2 Mbps).
Manager of Telecommunication Department from 1984 to 1988.

In January 1989 I joined ALITALIA as Head of Telecommunications System Department, having in charge Design, Implementation, Installation and Customer Service of the Company's voice and data international network.
Member of Network Service Committee of SITA (Societé Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques) based in Paris.

Since 1994 I act as a Consultant in the Telecommunication Networking Area (Systems Check-up, Outsourcing Contracts Specifications, Project Management).

I am:

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