Fede ( alias REYCAVA - hentai's king ) for his assistance and especially for his patience...

Mr. AchillesLastStand for any material...( your tabs are great! )

My Mother for her endurance ( i know  this music is loud but i like it! )

...and the "Other half of Me"   

and to all my friends:

Giacomo( you're a "Banfone"! ), Rita, Yurispaceboy, Davide, Eugenio, Daniele, Mirko, Christian, Giņ, Manuela "the glutton", Elena ( a MEGATHANKS for your kindness! ), Milena...and everybody at university Andrea "porcodiso", Paolo"il genovese", Alessandro, Daniele... 

ah! my holiday friends : Andrea Fallastar ( you know why...), Giovanni, Toto, Antonio, Donato, Francesco, Michele, Donato, Gianfilippo, Luigi, Giambattista, Michele, Donato, Luigi, Alessandra... 


for info mail me at luijimi@tiscalinet.it

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