Birmingham King Earthquake's founder ERROL introducing himself to each&everyone-presto disponibile la traduzione anche in italiano-

"Greetings my name is Errol,founder of King Earthquake
sound system,in the beginning there were 6 members including myself,the other 5 were cousins,it was like a family sound.I have been playing sound system since 1977 before I left school,at that early age the sound wasn't that big so i only played mainly in Blues dances but increasing the sound every time,5 months after leaving school,I was only 17 at the time,I played at my 1st major dance,up until then,the sound didn't have a name,but after the dance someone commented i should name the sound "Earthquake".A promoter approchead me for my next dance and asked me for the sound name,without thinking I told him "Earthquake",if I remember rightly the flyer read "The Mighty Earthquake" I felt proud to see my new name in black&white,I also remember that dance being a clash dance which was never my intention,incidentally I was the victor,from then on many other sounds wanted to challenge me,and knowing this,promoters only seem to put me in clash dances,after a string of clashes i renamed the sound "King Earthquake" as I was never defeated,but please also remember that i never did cast the 1st stone,my triumph was always the result of retaliation,but renaming the sound brought even more challenges but of higher league,and again was still undefeated,I was labelled a warmonger sound,and many other sounds were afraid to play me,you see people only seem to remember the end result,like I said,I never ever did cast the 1st stone,I was labelled a warmonger sound through no fault on my own.Anyway as time went on,the music started to change in style so did various sound members,everything started to drift away from roots+culture,all of the other roots sounds stopped playing ,and a new trend was taking over.I was the only sound still playing roots and dub much to everyone dislike,but it was only a matter of time,sadly by 1985 I had to decline,KING EARTHQUAKE went into storage,and life became meaningless,sound system is the only thing I know;days,weeks and months turned into years and I was still drifting along aimlessly,I had nothing to show for my life,my only achievement was locked away gathering dust in the garage at the bottom of the garden.Well the year 2000 arrived,it was time to wake up out of this deep sleep I fell into,time to relive again,time to make a come back,so I dug the sound out and restored it all its glory and I'm very proud to say that the name KING EARTHQUAKE is now ready to make its mark in society,and with help of Jah,change the lives of those who have strayed and put them back on the path of righteousness,Rastafari.I am sad that the original sound members is no longer with King Earthquake sound but their works and efforts will not be in vain,watch out Birmingham King Earthquake is back,praise JAH."

Errol-King Earthquake