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I.T.C.G. is an acronym for Technical Commercial Institute (Business oriented four year High School) and G stands for "Geometri" (four year High School for Architects’ assistants and designers). The school has been given the name of "EINAUDI" because "Luigi Einaudi" was a famous Italian economist who was also the first President of the newly - born Italian Republic in 1948.There are many high schools in Italy with this name, especially business high schools, but not as many placed in such a beautiful environment: the Domodossola I.T.C.G. Einaudi is in the very heart of the Italian Alps, a few miles from the Swiss border, completely surrounded by mountains, white-topped all the year through and ski-fields. It is the largest high school of the Ossola valley and many students who attended their elementary and junior high schools in the beautiful seven valleys around Domodossola all come "down" to Domo (this is how we normally call our 20,000 small town) to study. There are other high schools situated in Domo, but the Einaudi remains the largest. The Einaudi was also the first state high school opened in the area, where, up to 35 years ago, there were only expensive private schools. The private schools still exist as boarding schools for a limited number of students, mainly coming from other parts of Italy. Students attending this type of high school get a Diploma at the end of the fifth year and can start working but most of them usually go to the Milano, Torino, Novara and Pavia universities. They can attend any university but they normally study "Economia e Commercio", "Legge (law)" or "Architettura". Although Domodossola is easily connected to the German speaking part of Switzerland through the famous Simplon Pass, English and French are the only two foreign languages studied at school. The area is extremely interesing also for the many dialects spoken (42), some of which of German-Walser origin. The school has been hosting a lot of AFS foreign students coming from many different countries in the world since 1986. To all of them a great "CIAO".

Do write to our e-mail address einaudi@itcgdomodossola.it to the attention of prof.ssa Pia Pallotta.

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