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The sale Porcus oasis, 325 hectares, is a salad temporary pond.
This is the most significant pound in Italy and Europe for this environment typology.
The Sale Porcus is famous for the pink flamingos that populate the area.

This typology of flamingo is one of more important Mediterranean and Italian population. It has very long legs and its plumage is light pink. This pound is the conjunction point between the African district, where the flamingo spent the winter and the pounds of Camargue (meridian France), frequented to nidify. Therefore, in the November- March period is possible found a lots of flamingos in there about 7.000. Besides, the Sale Poucu pound is frequented by other typology of birds.

The Volpoca, the pink gull, the Fratino, the Fraticello, the Sterna zampenere, the Occhione, the coral gull, the Piro piro culbianco e boschereccio, the Piovanello, the Piovanello pancianera and the Gru, wild ducks are typical animals that nidify and populate this humid zone. In this area there is a natural museum and a camping.
There is a itinerary around the pound every time enjoyable. The best time to visit the oases is on autumn or winter where there are a lots of flamingos. For further information call the LIPU section 070/ 837458