Rob Stevens Setup

Above is a drawing of another simple way to fit the PRRT to the Lotus Elise. The heater valve in the original bypass has proven to give a lower temperature for the car occupants. This drawing shows the setup used by an Australian Elise S2 Owner, Rob Stevens (To my knowledge he is the first one using the kit PCH001190 on the Elise). The setup (photos below) has proven to work exactly as expected. Only downside is, having fitted the thermostat horizontally, a bit longer bleeding procedure (the thermostat has a jiggle valve to help bleeding, but this is not effective in this position).

Steve Butts Setup

Another slightly different approach, due to the fitting of a water/oil heat exchanger on the engine coolant outlet, has been followed by Steve Butts for his 245 bhp racing Elise (photos below). Being a race car, the heating circuit has been removed and the engine mounts are stiffer (balancing the reduced flexibility of the outlet hose). Having a similar thermostat position, the bleeding issue is as on the above setup. Although the Rover Pressure Relief Remote Thermostat has been designed for delivering a reliable service on standard cars, with this engine it has proven to deal reasonably well also with highly tuned setups.

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