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Bubble Nebula

Ha:R:G:B = 370:80:80:160 min

Crescent Nebula

Ha:R:G:B = 140:40:40:60 min

Crab Nebula

Ha:R:G:B = 180:60:60:120 min

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy

L:R:G:B = 380:90:90:180 min

M16 Eagle Nebula

Ha:R:G:B = 200:80:80:160 min

NGC7023 Iris Nebula

L:R:G:B = 300:80:80:160 min

VDB142 in Cepheus

L:R:G:B = 300:60:60:120 min


L:R:G:B = 430:80:80:160 min

IC405 Flaming Star Nebula

Ha:R:G:B = 210:40:40:80 min

(under construction)