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Adieux André
from all the children that owe you so much
and from the friends that you created throughout the world.



The European Pediatric Sleep Club (EPSC) is a scientific non-profit organization.


The aims of the EPSC are: to consolidate the area of paediatric sleep, to bring together clinicians and researchers, to put together people from different continents and from different disciplines and to ensure that all countries can be brought up to globally acceptable standards in every way (teaching, research, clinical services and methods, resources, access etc).


News:      Report of the 2004 board meeting


               15th Meeting of the EPSC Madrid - October/November 2005

                (If You have proposals, send Your suggestions to



Meetings of the EPSC 

  • 1 PARIS (1991)

  • 2 HELSINKI (1992)

  • 3 PRAGUE (1993)

  • 4 FIRENZE (1994)

  • 5 MESSINA (1995)

  • 6 BRUSSELS (1996)

  • 7 LYON (1997)

  • 8 MADRID (1998)

  • 9 DRESDEN (1999)



Board 2005

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Bruni Oliviero



Franco Patricia


Board Groswasser Jose +32+024773287

Lahorgue Nunes Magda



Lecendreux Michel



Nevsimalova Sonia



Peraita-Andrados Rosa


Board Pin Gonzalo  

Vecchierini M. Francoise



Villa Maria Pia



Wiggs Luci