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For years Erminio Caria carefully observed the skilled hands of master craftsmen at work on the "arca", the ancient Sardinian name for the chest, first forming the sturdy structure and then , with traditional tools, decorating it with the rosettes, flowers, and birds in the filed in the center, and the geomnetrical patterns on the sides to complete this authentically Sardinian piece of forniture, so typical of the sobriety with the Sardinian homes are furnished . This chest held the future bride's trosseau and, after the wedding the linen for the family. It was often used to hide precious objects and, when long journies were undertaken, it was used like a travelling trunk, in which all family's wealth was stored. This careful apprentice who is today a famous craftsman in his own right, absorbed and to this day carries with him, all the passion he conceived for the wood-carver'sart, examples of wich are to be found even on the other side of the ocean. His work, in demand even in faraway Japan, is often custom-made to fit into the decorating schemes of foreign countries with different cultures, and these unique pieces have become much sough-after by connoisseurs. Fedelity to and respect for the handicraft tradition do not represent an obstacle to the sale of Eminio Caria's products. On the country, the marketing of his work is facilited by this very fedelity and respect , together with careful consideration of the exigencies of the regional, national and foreign markets, where he has manageg to develop a good sales network trough his constant presence at the most important fairs and expositions. Erminio Caria's skilled hands produce not only these typical Sardinian chets, but also other pieces of forniture for both rustic and modern decorating plans (personalized, made-to-measure kitchen cabinets and sitting room forniture), as well as for hotels and restaurants besides the construction and restoration of pieces of forniture and seats for churchs.


The Planing
Rosette's carving: 1st fase
Final touches of the semifinished product
Rosette's carving: 2nd fase
The Painting
Rosette's carving: 3rd fase
The Carpenter's work
Rosette's carving: 4ª fase
Material's reserve
Rosette's carving: 5ª fase
The finisheds panels
Erminio Caria at work