above some pictures taken around the farm.
N 42 43.311'
E 011 11.742'
CEP 42 feet

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Turkeys & Alpacas
Sheep Blankets
Land Management
Uterine Flush
To Europe with Love - Part 1
To Europe with Love - Part 2
The Italian Alpaca
An American Herdsire to Italy
Ostriches & Alpacas

Europaca's longterm objective is to provide learning opportunities for all people interested in Alpacas.  With this in mind, we provide an ongoing commitment to the publication of articles written in English and Italian on such matters as Reproduction, Management, Marketing and Fiber.  The following list of articles have been written by Gabriella Bozzini and are scheduled to be regularly updated with new materials.


1. Multi-Species Management Issues

Of Turkeys & Alpacas (1996): English
Ostriches & Alpacas (2000): English & Italian


2. Alpaca Fiber Management

Sheep Blankets for Alpacas (1997): English


3. Alpaca Reproductive Issues

Uterine Flush as a Means of Achieving Higher Reproductive Rates (1998): English

4. Herd Management Issues

Land Management: Rotational Grazing (1997): English

5. Alpaca Market Development

To Europe with Love - Part 1 (1999): English
To Europe with Love - Part 2 (2000): English
The Italian Alpaca (2000): English
A US Herdsire to Italy (2000): English



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