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  1. Section 1 - Personal information about Stephen King
  2. Section 2 - The message that Stephen King posted
  3. Section 3 - Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Section 4 - A list of published works
  5. Section 5 - A list of short stories
  6. Section 6 - A list of movies
  7. Section 7 - Miscellaneous facts
  8. Section 8 - A break down of all his books, a quick summary of the book the main characters and some notes of interest


Personal Information

Date of Birth: September 21, 1947
Mother: Nellie Ruth Pillsbury
Father: Donald King
Brother: David King, adopted in 1945, born 1945
Place of Birth: Portland, Maine
Wife: Tabitha Spruce
Marriage Date: 1971
Children: Owen ...

Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine in 1947. He and his older brother, David, were raised primarily by his mother after his father left for a pack of cigarettes and never returned. Stephen's childhood was spent living between Fort Wayne, Indiana, where his father's family lived, and Massachusetts and Maine with his mother and her family. Eventually, Stephen and David settled with their mother in Durham Maine, where the boys attended school.

King graduated high school in 1966 and pursued a Bachelors of Science degree in English at the University of Maine at Orono. While a student, he met his future wife, Tabitha Spruce, among the shelves of the Folger Campus Library, where both worked as students. King graduated from the University in 1970, and married Tabitha one year later. King initially was unable to find placement as a teacher, so he and Tabitha lived off his earnings as a laborer at an industrial laundry, and her student loans and savings. Occasionally they would receive a boost from one of his short stories that had been published in various men's magazines. Many of these stories were later compiled into the NIGHT SHIFT collection.

In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching high school English at Hamden Public High School in Maine. Writing in the evenings and on weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels. In the spring of 1973, King's novel CARRIE was published, enabling him to leave teaching and concentrate on his writing.


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Someone wondered if I ever get into these electronic bulletin boards. I gota peek into this one while preparing to do a speaking gig at Cornell University, in Ithaca, on October 6th, 1994. I haven't been in Colorado buying Slurpies at any 7-11s lately, but I was in a Christie's in Hoosick, New York yesterday. The new book is INSOMNIA, and that's what I'm promoting. I'm glad so many people liked Frank's version of SHAWSHANK, and I hope to see many of you on my tour...if the Harley doesn't break down...or if I don't break down. The question that occurs is whether or not the people reading this will believe I'm me. It really is, but if I put in something only I would know in order to prove it, everybody would know it. It's the only catch, Catch-22. In closing, the big cahunas and cahunettes here at Cornell want me to tell you that I don't have an account or an electronic postbox here. In fact, I don't really know what the f- - - I'm doing. Oh, I think I DO know how to prove I'm me. First, the next book is called ROSE MADDERóJune of 1995 from Viking. Second, it will be Eddie, not Roland, who saves the party of travellers from Blaine the Mono. Joe Bob sez "Check it out."

Check ya on the flip-flop,
Stephen King


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stephen King have an electronic mail address?

As far as anyone knows, NO. If he did have an address, he is keeping it secret from the world. He does apparantly check out the Internet sometimes, as evidenced by the forward to the promo for Dark Tower IV: Wizards & Glass.

When is the next Dark Tower book coming out?

The next book, Dark Tower IV: Wizards & Glass is scheduled to appear in November of 1997. This is the Penguin release. There is no word yet of when the Grant Special Edition will be available.

Is King actually several writers working together?

This question was posed to me recently. I can only say no. While he is quite prolific, it seems ludicrous that he is actually several writers. His writing style is very distinctive throughout his many books.

Has King lost his touch?

Some people believe several of his later books aren't as good as the earlier works. This is a matter of opinion. To all of these people, I suggest you hold judgement until the next installment of the Dark Tower is available.

How can I get in touch with King?

Stephen King will sign a book for anyone who sends a book to him. He will only do this once. His address is available here.

To contact him, I suggest you talk to his publisher, Penguin Books.

How can I get special editions of books?

Many of King's special limited editions are published by Donald M. Grant Publishing.

To get other rarities, check out Betts Bookstore.

How can I get more information about King?

There are several sources of information about King. If you want to pose a question to fans, try the USENET newsgroup alt.books.stephen-king. For reference, there are many books available. I recommend the Stephen King Companion by George Beahm.


Published Works

First published story was "I Was a Teenage Grave Robber" in Comics Review in 1967.

Please see this document for a list of books and short story collections.


Short Stories

Please see this document for a list of books and short story collections.


Motion Picture Adaptations

Please see this document for a list of movies based (or inspired) by Stephen King.


Castle Rock
	1. A Lake 100 miles southwes of West De Pere, Wisconsin
	2. A Newsletter on Stephen King first issued in Jan 1985 through Dec 1989
	3. A town in main used in many of his books
Personal Fears
	10.  Fear for someone else
	 9.  Fear of others (paranoia)
	 8.  Fear of death
	 7.  Fear of insects (especially spiders, flies, and beetles)
	 6.  Fear of closed-in places
	 5.  Fear of rats
	 4.  Fear of snakes
	 3.  Fear of deformity
	 2.  Fear of squishy things
	 1.  Fear of the dark


(1) Carrie, Viking Press (1974) - The story of a teenage girl with telekenetic   
	    powers who is pushed beyond human limits, as she unleashed her  
	    frightening power upon a small New England town.
   Main Characters:
	Rita Desjardin - the gym teacher who came to Carrie's defense
	Chris Hargensen - plotted the pigs' blood shower as revenge for being                           
			  punished for the shower incedent with Carrie
	Billy Nolan - Chris Hargensen's boyfriend who rigged the buckets of                             
		      pigs' blood
	Tommy Ross - Sue Snell's boyfriend.  He took Carrie to the prom.  He 
		     was knocked out when the buckets of pigs' blood fell and 
		     died in the fire.
	Sue Snell - one of Carrie's classmates who participated in the shower                           
		    incedent.  She later felt bad about what she did and 
		    convinced her boyfriend Tommy Ross to take Carrie to the 
		    prom.  Bad Idea!
	Carietta (Carrie) White - girl with telekentic abilities who snaps 
		    when buckets of pigs' blood are dumped on her at the class 
	Margaret White - Carrie's mother.

   Notes of interest:
	1. one of the teachers at Carries school is Edwin King and King's full 
	   name is Stephen Edwin King
	2. Prom Night toll was 440 Dead and 18 missing
(2) 'Salems Lot, Doubleday (1975) - A vampire sets up shop in the small New      
	    England town of Salems Lots (Jeruslem's Lot).  

   Main Characters:
	Kurt Barlow - Antiques expert.  Vampire.
	Danny Glick - one of the kids turned into a vampire
	Hubie Marsten - owner of the Marsten House that Kurt Barlow eventually                          
	Ben Mears - the writer who discovered the truth about Jeruselms Lot
	Susan Norton - Love interest of Ben Mears
	Mark Petrie - young boy who helps Ben Mears distroy the Vampires

   Notes of Interest:
	1. One of the characters in the book was Judy Overlook

(3) Rage, Doubleday  (1977) - One of the Bachman books.

(4) The Shining, Doubleday (1977) - A family finds the true meaning of horror                    
	    while working as winter caretakers at the Overlook Hotel.  

   Main Characters:
	Dick Hollaron - The cook at the overlook, a friend of Danny Torrence 
		       who came back to help when things went really wrong.  
		       He to had the "shine".  He was also mentioned in "It".
	Tony - Danny's invisible playmate who made the word "redrum" famous
	Danny (Daniel Anthony) Torrence - The five year old with the "Shine".
	Wendy Torrence - Danny's mother
	Jack Torrence - Danny's father, a failed writer who succumb
			evil in the Overlook Hotel 

   Notes of Interest:
	1.  King got the inspiration to write The Shining when he visited the 
	    Stanley Hotel in Colorado.  They visited on closind day and there 
	    was only one American Express sales from left.  American Express 
	    was the only card King had with him.  King jokes that The Shining 
	    would not have been written if there hadn't been that sales from.
	2.  Room 217 - Where the old lady (Mrs. Massey) killed herself.  Danny 
	    sees her getting out of the bathtub 
	3.  Room 300 - The presidential suite
	4.  The Masked Ball - Was to celebrate the grand opening of the 
	    Overlook Hotel, August 29. 1945

(5) Night Shift, Doubleday (1978) - a collection of short stories.

	The Boogeyman
	Children of the Corn
	Graveyard Shift
	Gray Matter
	I am the Doorway
	I Know What You Need
	Jerusalem's Lot
	The Last Rung on the Ladder
	The Lawnmower Man
	The Man Who Loved Flowers
	The Mangler
	Night Surf
	One for the Road
	Sometimes They Come Back
	Strawberry Spring
(6)The Stand, Doubleday (1978) -  After a plague is accidentally released upon
		     the world the few survivors are divided btween the forces of good
		     and evil to determine who will rebuild the world.
   Main Characters
	Randall Flagg - the personification of evil also known as The Walking                           
		     Dude, RF, Ahaz, The Dark Man,The Man with No Face, 
		     Anubis, Astaroth, Richard Fry, Ramsey Forrest, Robert 
		     Franq, John the Conqueror, The Midnight Rambler, 
		     Nyarlohotep, Old Creeping Judas, R'yelah, Seti, he can 
		     also be found in several other King works like 
		     The Dark Tower series.
	Nick Andros - a deaf-mute who becomes a charter member of the ad hoc                            
		     committee in the Free Zone.
	Glen Bateman - a sixtyish assistant professor of sociology who met up                           
		     with Stu Redman, a charter member of the Free Zone ad 
		     hoc committee, and he traveled to Las Vegas to fulfill 
		     Mother Abagail's final instructions.
	Kojak (Big Steve) - Glen Bateman's dog
	Rita Blakemore - Met Larry Underwood in Central Park, they traveled                            
		     together until she died.
	Ralph Brentner - Fortish man who picked up Nick and Tom on their way 
		     out of Kansas, became part of the final company who went 
		     to Las Vegas to confront Flagg
	Charles D. Campion - the government employee who fled from the
		     biological testing site when Project Blue fell apart 
		     and hit the gas pumps at Hapscomb's Texaco.
	Nadine Cross - Woman Larry Underwood met at a New England Farmhouse.
		     Flagg eventually chose her as his wife, and she heated him
		     out of a son by jumping out of a window in Las Vegas.
	Tom Cullen - retarded man Nick met on Main street in May, OK.  He was                           
		     sent as a spy to Las Vegas.  He saves Stu Redmans life.
	Donald Merwin Elbert (Trashcan Man) - He liked to set fires.  One of                            
		     Flagg's men who brought the atomic bomb to Las Vegas
	Richard (Dick) Ellis - The veterinarian who was part of Nick Andros's                           
		     company that went ot Mother Abagail's.
	Judge Richard Farris - 70 year old man who joined Larry Underwood's                             
		     group.  He was one of 3 spies sent to Las Vegas
	Mother Abagail Freemantle - the 108 year old black woman who summoned                           
		     the good guys through dreams
	Frannie (Frances Rebecca) Goldsmith - Travelled with Harold, met and                            
		     married Stu and had the first baby in the Free Zone which                               
		     managed to survive after the plague
	Lloyd Henreid - Became Flagg's right hand man in Las Vegas
	Harold Emery Lauder - Traveled to the Free Zone with Stu and Frannie.                           
		     He eventually gave into the powers of darkness and blew up                              
		     Nick Andors's house.
	Julie Lawry - the 16 year old girl Nick met in the drugstore, she wound                         
		     up in Las Vegas and identified Tom as one of the spies from                     
		     the Free Zone to Flagg.
	Stu Redman - Became the marshall of the Free Zone, married Frannie and                         
		     was the only survivor from the journey to Las Vegas.
	Larry Underwood - a singer-songwriter who becomes one of the charter                           
		     members of the Free Zone ad hoc committee, and makes the                                
		     journey to Las Vegas.

      Notes of Interest:
	1. Flagg at one time tells his men that Anubis is another of his names, 
	   Anubis was an Egyptian god of Mortuarey, circa 2700 BC - 400 ad.  
	   Anbus is a son of Re and either Nephthys or Isis.  He takes the form 
	   of a black dog or jackal with ears pricked and long tail hanging.   
	   He was sometimes known as the claimer of hearts.  
	2. Flagg at one time tells his men that Ahaz is another of his names.  
	   Ahaz reigned 735-715 BC as the 12th king of Judah.  Judah was attacked 
	   early in his reign by King Pekah of Isreal and King Rezin of Syria, who 
	   attempted to force Ahaz into a coalition agains Assyria.  Additional 
	   incursions were made into Judaean teritory by the Edomites, to who Ahaz 
	   was forced to give up the important city of Elath (now Aqaba, Jordan).
	   Ahaz asked help of the Assyrian king Tiglath-Pileser III, who drove out
	   the invaders but in return exacted tribute from Judah.  Ahaz mad various
	   changes in the temple service and paid homage to the Assyrian gods.
	   He was denounced for infidelity to Jehovah by the Hebrew prophet Isaiah,
	   who opposed the alliance with Assyria.
	3. When Larry is taken into custody in Utah he tells Flagg's men that 
	   Astaroth is another of his names.  Astaroth is a plural from of the 
	   name Astoreth and used as a collective anem for godesses.  Astyoreth is 
	   the Palestinian and Philistine Fertility and war goddess, circa 1200 bc 
	   - 200 bc.  She was adopted, typically, as goddess of both love and war.  
	   She is usually depicted waring a horned headdress.
	4. When Larry was taken into custody in Utah he tells Flagg's men that 
	   Nyarlathotep is another of Flagg's names.  Nyarlathotep is a god of the 
	   Gthulhu Mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft.  He is said to take on the 
	   appearance of a tall dark man.  He is the crawling chaos, and a 
	   messenger of the gods.  His progress across the face of the land is 
	   followed by riot, war, mass murder, suicide and insanity.
(7) The Long Walk, New American Library  (1979) - one of the Bachman books.

(8) The Dead Zone, Viking Press (1979) -  After being in a coma for almost 5     
	years as the result of an autoaccident , Johnny Smith awakens with a    
	strang power, after touching someone he can see their life, past,       
	present and future.  After shaking the hand of a politition he see's 
	a very dark future.

   Main Characters:
	George Bannerman - The Castle Rock sheriff
	Sarah Bracknell - Johnny's girlfriend 
	Frank Dodd - a deputy in Castle Rock who turned out to be the Castle                            
		  Rock Strangler 
	Sonny Elliman - Greg Stillson's right hand man
	Walter Hazlett - the man Sarah married when Johnny didn't come out of                           
		  the coma
	John Smith - the man who came out of the coma after 5 years with his                            
		  precognitive gift, a man with a mission.
	Greg Stillson - the maniaal presidential candidate who would one day                            
		  distroy the world, if not stopped.

   Notes of Interest:
	1.   The first novel to take place in Castle Rock, Maine.
	2.   The book Carie is mentioned 
	3.   Frank Doddkilled 7 women from 1970 to 1975

(9) Firestarter, Viking Press (1980) -  Two young people meet and fall in love          
       during an experiment that give them psycic powers.  Their offspring has 
       the ability to start fires with her mind and The Shop wants her!

   Main Characters:
	Captain (Cap) Hollister - Head of the Shop, who wanted to use 
		    Charlie's talents to influence world leaders
	Andrew McGee - Charlie's father, took part in an experiment which gave                          
		    him the limited ability to influence people with his mind.      
	Charlie (Charlene Roberta) McGee - The Firestarter
	Vicky Tomlinson McGee - Charlie's Mother, took part in an experiment                            
		    which gives her telekenetic abilities.
	John Rainbird - Shop operative and assassin.  He was to bring Charlie                           
		    in for the Shop.

   Notes of Interest:
	1. Lot Six was the experimenatal chemical compound injected into twelve 
	   college students in an an experiment.  It was supposed to be a mild 
	   hallucinogenic but actually enhanced psycic powers.
	2. The Lot Six Twelve - the twelve people who took part in the 
	   experiment, 2 died during the test, two went hopelessle insane, one 
	   died in an auto accident (suicide), One leaped form the roof of the 
	   the Cleveland Post Office, three others committed suicide, one worked 
	   for Telemyne Corp, and that left 2, Andie and his wife.
(10) Roadwork,  New American Library (1981) - One of the Bachman  books.

(11) Cujo, Viking Press (1981) - Another Castle Rock novel, where the monster           
	   in the closet turns out to be a rabid dog.  It's a great example                        
	   of bad things happen to good people, when Donna and Tad are                     
	   trapped in a broken down Pinto with the rabid Cujo keeping them at              

   Major Characters:
	Joe Chamber - the mechanic who owned Cujo.  He owned the garage on the                          
		    outskirts of Castle Rock where Donna and Tad were trapped.
	Cujo - a large St. Bernard who contracted rabies from a bat and 
		    attacked the car where Donna and Tad were trapped.
	Donna Trenton - Was trapped in a broken down Pinto along with her 
		    son by Cujo.
	Tad Trenton - Donna's son, who thought that Cujo was the monster from                           
		    his closet out to get him.
	Vic Trenton - Donna's husband.

   Notes of Interest:
	1. Frank Dodd the Castle Rock Strangler from The Dead Zone was 
	   mentioned in the book, along with John Smith.

(12) Danse Macabre, Berkley (1981) - A non-fiction piece dealing with the                        
	   fantastic and horror in books, films, and TV. 

(13) Creepshow, New American Library (1982) - Consists of 5 stories comprising 
	   a total of 424 individual comic strip panels.

	Father's Day
	The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill
	The Crate
	Something to Tide You Over
	They're Creeping Up On You

(14) The Running Man,  New American Library (1982) - one of the Bachman books

(15) The Dark Tower:  The Gunslinger,  New American Library (1982) - The story           
	  of the Gunslinger, Roland.  This series of books has many twists               
	  and turns and even has an FAQ of it's own, which is perhaps the                         
	  best place to find out more specific information.

   Main Characters:
	Jake Chambers - The boy  Roland met at the Way Station he was killed 
		  in the other world when pushed in front of a Cadillac.                                     
		  He fell into an abyss when Roland chose to pursue the                           
		  Man in Black reather than rescue him.
	Cort - Roland's teacher in Tull
	The Man in Black - the man that Roland pursued, (presumed to be 
		  Randall Flagg from the The Stand),  Walter, The Prophet of                                      
		  Doom, the voice of Jeremiah.  Roland knew that the Man                          
		  in Black was somehow tied up with his quest for the                                     
		  Dark Tower but could not identify in what way .
	Maerlyn - the Ageless Stranger.  The Man in Black's master.
	Roland - the last Gunslinger
	The First - the first of the three that Roland had to draw together. 
		  A demon called heroin had infested him.
	The Second - the second of the three, she would come on wheels
	The Third - the third of the three. He would come in chains.

   Notes of Interest:
	1. Please see the Dark Tower FAQ for threads and interesting side 
	   notes, for they are too numerous to mention here.

(16) Different Seasons, Viking Press (1982) - A collection of 4 stories.

	Hope Springs Eternal:  Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption
	Summer of Corruption:  Apt Pupil
	Fall From Innocence:  The Body
	A Winter's Tale:  The Breathing Method

(17) Christine, Viking Press (1983) - Evil inhabits a 1958 red Plymouth Fury
	    and the teenage boy who eventually buys it.  Can his friend save
	    him from the evil that is Christine.

   Main Characters:
	Leigh Cabot - Arnie's girlfriend.
	Christine - a 1958 red Plymouth Fury, with a taste for death.
	Arnie Cunningham - the nerd who was seduced and distroyed by Christine
	Will Darnelll - owned Darnell's Used Auto Parts where Arnie stored and                                  
		  worked on Christine
	Dennis Guilder - Arnie's friend
	Roland D. LeBay - the man who sold Christine to Arnie

(18) Pet Sematary, Doubleday (1983) - The Pet Sematary is more than just a                       
	 place to bury your pets, especially for one horrified family.                   
	 After Louis Creed discovered that beyond the Pet Sematary you                   
	 could bury your dead until they came home the next day, how could               
	 he resist it when his little son was killed.

   Main Characters:
	Stanley (stanny) Bouchard - the man who told about the secret Micmac                                    
		   burial ground.
	Church - the Creed's 5 year-old cat.  Louis buries him in the secret                                    
		   burial ground and he comes back.
	Gage Creed - Louis's son, who is killed by a truck, Louis eventually                                    
		   buries him in the secret burial ground
	Louis Creed - the man who can't resist the secret behind the Pet                                                
	Rachel Creed - Louis's wife and another visitor to the secret burial                                    

   Notes of Interest:
	1. King wrote Pet Sematary while living in a rental home in Orrington, 
	   Maine which had a pet sematary behind  the house.
	2. Cujo was mentioned in the book as the St. Bernard who went rabid 

(19) The Talisman, Viking/Putnam's Sons (1984) - 

(20) Thinner, New American Library (1984) -

(21) Cycle of the Werewolf, New American Library (1985) -

(22) Skeleton Crew,  Putnam (1985) - A collection of short stories.

	The Ballad of the Fexible Bullet
	Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman #2)
	Cain Rose Up
	Here There by Tygers
	The Jaunt
	The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands
	The Mist
	The Monkey
	Morning Deliveries (Miklman #1)
	Mrs. Todd s Shortcut
	Paranoid: A Chant 
	The Raft
	The Reach
	The Reaper's Image
	Survivor Type
	Uncle Otto'd Truck
	The Wedding Gig
	Word Processor of the Gods
(23) It, Viking Press (1986) -

(24) The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three, New American Library (1987) -

(25) The Eyes of the Dragon, Viking Press (1987)

(26) Misery, Viking Press (1987)

(27) The TommyKnockers,  Putnam's Sons (1987)

(28) Nightmares in the Sky, Viking Press (1988)

(29) The Dark Half, Viking Press (1989)

(30) The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition, Doubleday  (1990)

(31) Four Past Midnight, Viking Press (1990) - A Book with 4 stories.

	The Langoliers
	The Library Policeman
	Secret Window, Secret Garden
	The Sun Dog

(32) Needful Things, Viking Press (1991)

(33) The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands, NAL (1992)

(34) Delores Claiborne, Viking (1992)

(35) Gerald's Game, Viking (1993)

(36) Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Viking (1993) - A collection of short stories.

	Brooklyn August
	Chattery Teeth
	Crouch End
	The Doctor's Case
	Dolan's Cadalic
	The End of the Whole Mess
	The Fifty Quarter
	It Grows on You
	Head Down
	Home Delivery
	The House on Maple Street
	The Moving Finger
	My Pretty Pony
	The Night Flier
	Rainy Season
	Sorry, Right Number
	Suffer the Little Children
	The Ten O'Clock People
	Umney's Last Case
	You Know They Got a Hell of a Band

(37) Insomnia, Viking (1994)

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