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"People tell me I'm crazy. I'll buy that."
This Site...

...aims to be of interest to Musicians & Music Lovers, Electronics Freaks, Discerned Computer Users and Other Nice People, in no particular order.

It began as just a personal itch to scratch - "Now that I've got these 20MB of server space, what am I going to do with it?" - but after a short while things got way out of hand... Now, it has become a prestige project since I got involved in building sites for other people too. Inquiries welcome...

Some technical details...

This site has been entirely hand-coded in NoteTab Pro, and in such a way that it can be viewed in any reasonably recent browser.
Emphasis is on fast loading and comfortable aesthetics: from a technical point of view, this site aims to stress the point that it is possible (contrary to current fashion) to build a good-looking site that does not take ages to load - even on a 28k8 dial-up connection - and does not depend on plug-ins.

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