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My name is Andrea Cerquetti, I was born in 1964, an I am a caver from 1983. Since I am keen on travelling and fotography I visited many places and caves around Italy and the world, so I became very interested in  the spelaeofoto  as a charming underground adventure. I collected a lot of images and I was intentioned to  involve the uncaver people to admire and prreserve the underground heritage, so ihese were the main reasons tbeacouse I created Fotospeleoweb. During the past I co-operated with cultural associations and travel agencies making brochures and slide shows; I also published titles and photographies on cave magazines, I dealed didactics and spreading aspects about the spelaeology, I attended at several spelaeophoto expositions, festivals and conferences in Italy and abroad also, where I presented slide and multimedia shows, who rapresent my actual interest.