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You have problem of draught of smokes of the duct fireplace

The Solution
More ideal - sure - simple - convenient  
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           A brief list of the most common defects: conducted too narrow fireplace, cold, bent, too much short, low statement to contrary winds or condition atmospheric difficult.
From a deepened study you/he/she has been deduced that, to resolve these defects needs to install an electric forced aspirator to varying speed.

You Groan her it produces electric aspirators for fireplaces, it guarantees quality and functionality.
This aspirator is applied on the summit of the duct fireplace, it is complete of regulator of speed connected to the net 220 volts.

It doesn't hinder the normal spillage of the smoke when you/he/she is disarmed,
it also withstands the tall temperatures in case d' fire of the duct fireplace, and it is silent.
And of easy installation because it is endowed with adjustable adapter for all the measures of duct fireplace,
it doesn't ruin the aesthetics of the chimney pot. I consume little elettricΰ. You/he/she can directly be ordered for fax or E-mail. to a promotional price of € 197.00 more expenses of transport that in the country of the European community they are around 40,00 €s you/he/she is bewitched with exemption iva (produced destined to the foreign countries). You Groan her it will make you try the aspirator On Your Fireplace For 30 Days, with the possibility to Return him/it. If the only expense will be returned to your load they will be the expenses of transport that for out italia they are around 40,00 € sent us an E-mail in English expose us your problem we are to Your disposition for any explanation

And' an electric radial aspirator that applied to the summit of the duct of fireplace, resolves all the problems of draught.
To not only install a forced electric aspirator resolves the problem of draught, but it helps to maintain the duct of the fireplace cleaning up. To out and very useful fire for an exchange of air, the aspirator is provided of an electric regulator of command that allows to vary the draught. You/he/she can also be used in summer during the nighttime hours to avoid the stagnation of air of the kitchens or closed places. You/he/she is also installed on barbecue and cloaks from kitchen industrial.

In the image the measures of encumbrance of the aspirator that it has a system of hookup to the duct of the adjustable fireplace, adaptable to all the standard both square and rectangular behaviors of fireplace (measures from 20 centimeters to 42 centimeters)
The assemblage is very simple. The aspirator is complete of resistant special electric cable to the tall temperatures (also in case of fire of the duct fireplace), already connected to the motor.
It doesn't hinder the normal spillage of the smoke when and disarmed, because it has a very ample opening, the most narrow part is on her/it

It doesn't hinder the normal spillage of the smoke when and disarmed, because it has a very ample opening, the most narrow part is on the fan and measure 28 cms of diameter and has a fan of 34 centimeters of diameter with 4 very distant shovels the one from the other. Thanks to the dimensions of the fan also to low turns the aspirator has the necessary strength to inhale the smoke without provoking noise.

  regulator of speed of command aspirator to 6 different speeds able to regulate the turns of the aspirator. the regulator of command is conforming to all the safety norms, are fed by the net 220 volts. To his/her inside it has a transformer to six exits of tension and it has the protection of overload.

It has a low consumption of energy (you see technical chart). Α. least speed absorbs 29 watts to the motto it absorbs 120 watts, to least speed it has a pressure of 10 Pascal to the motto of 240 Pascal, quantity of air at the most of the turns 2880 meters cubes to times

Our aspirator has an original form and boasts a duration of over fifteen years. As you can notice he/she decomposes him in three pieces,

1. base of adjustable hookup
2. central part includes the whole necessary part of the aspirator.
3. Capulet to three elements typical traditional chimney pot

Various possibilities of adaptation.

The part that concerns the aspirator is the central body, the canopy can be modified.
Removing the original canopy around the motor there is a base of support of 15 centimeters, where possible to adapt is any form of canopy, the weight that the central body can bear is of over 200 kg

Other example of form of the canopy

Aspirator for fireplaces I complete regulator of speed I model M-43

promotional price of € 197.00 more expenses of transport that in the country of the European community they are around 40,00 €












Price Of List € 300,00 
Discount 40% For 1 Pieces = 180,00€

The model B12/2
last technology you Groan
It is the best of the category you/he/she is fed by rechargeable batteries to 12 volts. Of position battery is provided fed to the net 220 volts, the kit it is composed of an instrument, of 2 situated rechargeable batteries in containers,   1 automatic charger that to load as soon as the battery reaches the maximum position, 1 cable of connection to connect the batteries to the instrument and of a ball of thread along 250 meters (homage).
The instrument is provided of two batteries while the first one feeds the enclosure the other one it is reloaded on its charger. In this way the enclosure is constantly fed.
The batteries must be loaded after a week of workmanship and they have a middle life of three or four years. These characteristics making the effective instrument, with less expenses of maintenance and less consumptions of batteries.
The models to 12 volts in comparison to the models fed with batteries to 9 volts, are many more powerful persons, are rechargeable and therefore more economic. Price list



I model P/10000
It is an enclosure not fed battery operated rechargeable to 9 volts 90 ahs. The battery to the six month-old duration, has an alone power of exit. You/they can be fenced around 5 hectares of ground.


Price of list € 150.00
discount 30% for 1 piece € 105.00


I model P/10000/220
The battery has three different powers to allow an energy saving the small enclosures. Both battery operated 9 volts are fed 90 ahs that to net 220 volts through feeder. To the maximum power you/they can be fenced more than 10 hectares of ground. When you/he/she is fed to 220 volts it is powerful even more and it consumes only 5 watts of electric energy.

Price of list € 200,00
discount 30% for 1 piece € 140,00

I model E/220
And an instrument for enclosures fed only by the net 220 volts. And' a lot of powerful person you/they can be fenced more than 30 hectares of ground with special thread to low resistance inserted in a special circuit to low consumption. You/he/she is recommended for near enclosures to a net to 220 volt. s

Price of list € 130,00
discount 30% for 1 piece € 91,00

 Model: Accumulator 12 v 7 ahs, battery rechargeable accumulator for fenced in exchange b/12

Price of list € 23,00
discount 30% for 1 piece € 16,00


Model: Battery 90 ahs, battery from 9 volts 90 ahs cosidetta 10.000 ore s

Price of list € 22,00
discount 30% for 1 piece € 17,00


 Price of list € 0.19  1 piece
Wrapping 100 Pieces price of list 19.00 € 

discaunt 30% € 13.3







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