• Earthquakes
    • Primary or P waves
    • Secondary or S waves
    • Love's waves
    • Raileygh's waves
    • Oscillations of the Earth
    • Epicentre
  • Earth rotation
    • Centrifugal force
    • Force of Coriolis
    • Pendulum of Foucault
    • Shifting aside the vertical
    • Variation of the weight
    • Cyclon and anticyclon
  • Earth and Moon
    • Lunar motions
    • Lunar phases
    • Tides
  • Solar system
    • Kepler's first law
    • Kepler's second law
    • Kepler's third law
    • Relativ motion Earth-planet
    • Apparent path of the Sun
    • Irradiation
  • Celestial mechanics
    • Satellite motions
    • System of two bodies (double stars)
    • Precession and nutation
    • Top
  • Miscellaneous
    • Magnetic bottle
    • Parabolic antenne
    • Doppler effect
      • Simulation
      • Comparison between waves
    • Universe expansion

Info for the installation

Click on 'Installation of Terra et caelum', on 'Terra et caelum', on 'Installation of the libraries'
and on 'Libraries' to download the scritps of installation, the program and, if necessary, the libraries.
Installation of Terra et caelum Terra et caelum         (931 Kb)

Installation of the libraries Libraries         (2.5 Mb)

Click on 'Terra et caelum' to download the program.
Terra et caelum     (606 Kb)




  Inequalities. Geometric transformations. Trigonometry. Vectors. Calculus. Functions. Combinatorial calculus. (Program to dawnload)

    Special relativity


  The program presents the main elements of the special relativity using diagrams: simultaneity, time dilatation, length contraction, Lorentz transformations.
(Program to dawnload)

    Rectilinear motions


  The program process data collected in experiments made on rectilinear motions. (Program to dawnload)
      Physics cabinet
Virtual museum
150 years of laboratory instruments of Physics in the University and in the High Schools of Sassari.