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Multi-purpose, Edgy, Platform.The new M≥ is a fusion of two of Tuaís modern classics, the Mito and Mega. It is our all-round ski for those who, rather than a quiver, need one wide-body thatís well-suited for a wide variety of skiing and snow conditions. It is generously sidecut for hold, wide enough to float over difficult loose snow, and medium-flexed for snappy rebound. The M≥ is no wimp--its dimensions are suited to backcountry skiing in lighter boots, yet it is beefy enough for downhill days with your burly ones.     

Dimensions:  98-70-88 (mm)
Weight:  Gr/ski 1480 (185 cm)
Lengths: 170, 178,185, 192 cm.
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Designed by Piero Ruffino