Welcome to the Grape-Harvest Festival

     Sagra Uva






The celebration        

The most famous-grape harvest is celebrated in Marino, a little town near Rome. The festival takes place during the first Sunday of October; the day is dedicated to the Madonna of Rosary. During the procession the grape is showed in the all streets. At the end it is consecrated and offered to the Virgin. Then, in the afternoon there is the grape harvest celebration.

The history

The festival is inspired by the Roman Bacchanals. They were reintroduced byMarcantonio Colonna in 1500. He was the king of Marino. He conduced the Pope’s troops and a lot of marinesi ( the inhabitants of Marino) against the Turks in the battle of Lepanto (1571). To remember the Italian victory was invented the festival. It is dedicated to the Virgin of Rosary, because she appeared in a dream to the Pope Pio V, in the 7th of October 1571, the battle day. The Pope was the promoter of the anti-Turkish crusade. He appointed Marcantonio captain of the crusade. To remember him and the battle, in 1632 was build the Fountain of Mori by the Colonna family. During the festival the wine spring from this fountain.

      Autumn, of Arcimboldo (Italian artist ;1527-1593)