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Abstract pictures 




Still life

(Nature Morte)




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The Monolith

The monolith or stone block symbolizes the rationality and the order of things. The position of the stone and its simple geometric shape aim at giving this feeling. The monolith represents the human being's wish to know his surrounding environment. The monolith is in the middle of a background representing the chaos by violent signs and broken lines what make magic and appealing its the monolith perfection.

(Mixed technique by watercolour, ink and collage)


Abstract pictures

The abstract picture "Sotto le stelle" expresses sensations by geometric shapes and chromatic nuances renouncing to real representation. 

In the other Still life pictures the superior real element contrasts to the inferior part which represents its profound meaning.

In the mosaic pictures as for the painting the "tappeto magico" the clear separation between the fantastic part and the real one does not exist anymore. The two parts enter into contact to find a new balance. 

The monochrome abstract pictures summarize a subject. In the "stelle" the two photos represent the night sky and the sky map. The photos are a window over the world and a key to know it.

(Mixed technique, water colour, collage, pencils and wax)


The landscapes

Landscape paintings peculiarities are composition and colour. In "New York" the imposing grey concrete buildings contrast with the green of few trees striking among the skyscrapers remains and bridges.

(Mixed technique, water colour, collage and oil)


The still Life Paintings

The still life paintings are a study of objects where light, composition, volume and nuances represent the real research of the author.

(Water colour technique)


The Cartoons

The cartoons were created to represent a fantastic world where landscape and characters come from an unreal atmosphere which reminding our childhood dreams.

The sphere in the "Gatto" may be a ball or the sun because the indefinite background and the chromatic harmony make the scene unreal so that many interpretations are possible.

(Water colour technique, collage a pencils)




Collage 1

Collage 2