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Welcome into the brand new Wolrd of High Quality Hi-Fi components and devices,

The brand new Italian company, selling High Quality HiFi components and devices worldwide, was launched in November, 5th 2000. Today, its Core Business is the production and distribution of High Quality HiFi low-cost cables, such as XLR cables, Signal Cables and Power Cables.

HiDiamond was born thanks to an Italian team, willing to create Hi-End cables with exceptionaly high musical performances, combined with low prices.
Thanks to their Experience gained on the professional market, they were perfectly trained to face a Challenge : to offer multi-purpose excellent cables at very low prices.
Try and insert one cable in your HiFi chain, and you will notice the difference. Stop spending money for little result. Change your cables and buy HiDiamond products.
You will discover the new Frontier of Sound.

You can buy HiDiamond products either on the Internet, thanks to our secure on-line payment system, or with snail mail, thanks to our ordering form.

If you wish to contact us, please use the appropriate form.

HiDiamond Team

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