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E' disponibile anche il feedback dei mesi precedenti. Questi sono i commenti che abbiamo ricevuto di recente:

Dear Sacred Space, I was happy to pray together with you. It is a very good programme. I did enjoy it. I hope to continue to read it and pray with it. Keep in contact with me. Thanks!

Your site is just what I need to give me some direction in daily prayer/meditation. Keep up the good work and thank you.

I was recommended to your site by a tutor on a course for Ordinands and Lay Readers. As a member of the Anglican Third Order of the Society of St Francis, and a trainee Lay Reader, I am finding the meditations most helpful. One of the books we have been told to read is 'God of Surprises', which was quoted today - brilliant! I'm trying to remember (old age doesn't help the memory too much!) to log on to Sacred Space every day - it's an excellent way to start a quiet time, or to end a day. Thank you for obeying the vision you had to set it up - and God bless all your work for Him.

I now this might seem like flattery to you, but when God touches my heart, like Mary's cousin Elizabeth, it leaps with joy. That is what He has done to me through Sacred Space, which has made this otherwise mundane activity ( of sitting in front of the computer ) holy. The experience isn't far from Jesus' turning the water in Cana into wine, transforming the lad's 5 loaves of barley and two fish ( John 6 ), and directing both shepherds' and magi's eyes towards the hidden, sinless Savior, a powerless babe in the physical squalor of a manger. His Spirit has sustained me through anxiety-ridden graduate school, frustrating job searches, and now the pressure cooker of social work in a nursing home. I say this again and again because it proves, at least to me, that this is no mirage nor dysfunctional imaginings but an authentic encounter with the One True and Living God. His Spirit, indeed, lives in this truly sacred space.
A regular visitor from New York, USA

I have just found your site. The 10 minutes I have spent here have been the most valuable I have had on the internet. So many sites have been just distractions that pulled me away from God, wasting his precious time. I am still reflecting on today's reading (Jan 5), I know I am like Nathanael. The last 10 minutes have helped open my eyes to "Come and See".
Nottingham, England

Dear Sacred Space, I have been praying daily at your website for approximately 18 months and have found that I have now learned to pray in 'conversation' with God away from the site as well. The preparation stages are now ingrained and I find my prayerlife greatly enhanced by it. The whole process has made God more real for me and I can truly open my heart to him whenever I have moments available for reflection. Thank you and may God bless you and your work.
Location unknown

I'm always amazed at how God's Word adapts to changing times and circumstance. In ancient times (during my youth, 30+ years ago) evangelists used street corners or any other available venue, and missionaries traveled to foreign lands. Today you use the internet to present the Word electronically to people worldwide - across nations, races and denominations. Truly this what St. Paul meant, that Christians be "all things to all men." Thank you for your work of Grace -- as well as your concrete example of how a "cold" and "impersonal" technology can be employed for the glory of God.
Pennsylvania, USA

Sacred Space lost and found again - a little like myself. Was a priest for many years then left; worked in TV and ended by helping to make a film about Charles de Foucauld. At that point it was discovered I had a brain tumour, later removed successfully; I had to give up work. Now suffer from Coronary heart disease, but am reunited with God - don't think I ever really left Him. Thank you for the site - have just finished this evening's prayer. You've done a wonderful service to the world in creating this site.

Thank You for this prayful haven. It helps me to pause and be present to the moment. But then that is truly what prayer is, isn't it... practicing the Presence. Thank you for creating this beautiful place that I can journey to at any time.
Louisiana, USA

This morning I have discovered Sacred Space from a poster in the University Library. Many thanks and congratulations. This is indeed the most remarkable new year's gift for me. I have not made any specific new year resolution, but I will definitely do my best to access this site on a daily basis. I am sure it will go a long way in helping me and enrich my prayer life. God bless you!

Just to let you know that there are several of us here in Portland, Oregon, that like to sign on to "Sacred Space." I'm Irish, born near Ahascragh, Co. Galway. It was a brillant idea to put this meditation journey on the net. Thanks!
Oregon, USA

Like so many others I have got into the habit of tuning into your site. It is excellent. I am in a position to remind catechists and school chaplains in the Dublin Archdiocese about it and am delighted to do so. I am particularly happy that it is also available as Gaeilge.
Dublin, Ireland

Hi my name is Elizabeth. I am 16 years old. I found out about your website from the leader of a retreat group that I am in. I just wanted to let you know that I think this website is wonderful. I know that I will use it everyday. It is 10 minutes that helps me get through the struggles of my everyday life. Thank you for making this website, I know it will bring me closer to God. I will make sure to let all my friends know about it.
Missouri, USA

My work is mostly internet-based and I couldn't help feeling fed-up of all the rubbish one comes across on the web. Sacred Space has breathed new life into me - thanks to God of course! I feel that it is also very encouraging to see how many people out there are up to something good. The website is cleverly simple - quite a change from this overly complex world! I find that it immediately conveys a sense of peace and reassurance.

I logged on to your web page after seeing mention of it in my local parish newsletter (Oblates, Inchicore ).....I, almost immediately, found an inspiring piece of advice..."Talk to Jesus as if he was sitting in front of you" really works !! Why was I not told this 60 years ago ? Anyway, better late than never.
Dublin, Ireland

On Friday Dec 15th's reading, (Mt 11:16-19), you prompted the question whether there was anything that I might be mishearing or not understanding that God wants to say to me. No immediate response. After turning off the pc, I happened minutes afterwards to be reading Fr. John Woolley's "I am with you" meditations (Arthur James Ltd / The "I am with you" Foundation), page 124 which emphasised that the inner voices of oppressive guilt/self-condemnation are not of God. This spoke oodles to me and reassured to me. Although I may not be out of the scruples/legalism wood yet, I know I am headed in the right direction and "I am with you". Thanks again for this marvellous tool.
London, England

I have returned to the Church recently and Jesuit spirituality has been instrumental in my recognition of the value of prayer. This site is graced indeed. It is humbling to know that so many prayers were going out in the world when I was completely oblivious to any need of prayer. I now want to join in and pray for those who, like I once was, don't recognize or see a need for prayer and relationship with God. Thank you for this opportunity not only to deepen my relationship with Christ, but to pray that others may open themselves to his love.
Maryland, USA

As a long time lapsed Catholic looking to find my way back a chance late-night-encounter (00.17am to be precise) with your site seemed rather more than just fortuitous. While I have not by any means managed to keep to the teachings from my excellent little Catholic school in Windsor, I am and will always be grateful for the standards which were set.
Northants, England

I have just found your website. What joy! My recently acquired computer was purchased not only for study research, but to put me in contact again with the outside world after being confined by arthritis and other age-related physical deterioration. The social contact I miss most is with the worship community. Thank you for supplying a way of joining others in worship, and for your soul-restoring prayers. I feel at peace once more.
Adelaide, South Australia

My brother in England told me about this site. I have recently begun to go back to Church and sometimes find it all so overwhelming. I find the Sacred Space site simple and easy to follow. I enjoy this space tremendously. Keep up the great work that you do!
Ontario, Canada

I've come to appreciate Sacred Space very deeply. I'm a television producer and am quite troubled about my own creativity and its best future use. The advent readings you had chosen had a lot of resonance for me - and I found them at once healing and provocative.
London, England

I know that God loves me unconditionally. The few moments I spend with Him at my computer each morning allows me to focus on this truth. The knowledge of His love helps to displace the angst which I sometimes feel. Thank you Irish Jesuits for having the foresight to maintain this spiritual oasis on the internet.
New York, USA

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