by Vittorio Crapella

AAC = Advanced Audio Coding
AMR = Automatic meter reading
AOI = Automated Optical Inspection
ASIC = Application Specific Integrated Circuits
ATSC = Advanced Television System Committee
AXI = Automated X-ray Inspection
BER = Bit Error Rate
BTS = Base Transiver Station
BWA = Boardband Wireless Access
CCFT = Cold Cathode Florescent Tubes
CEM = Contract Electronics Manufacturing
CETRA = China External Trade Development Council
CFC = Current Flux Control
CFI = Common Flash Interface
CODFDM = Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division
CPLD = Complex Programmable Gate Array
CPS = Chip Scale Package
CRU = Clock Recovery Unit
CSoC = Configurable System on Chip
CSP = Chip Scale Package
DDR = Dual Data Rate
DDS = Direct Digital Synthesis
DFT = Diagnostic Fault Test
DIVA = Dynamic Internet Voice Access
DOCSIS = Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DSL = Digital Subscriber Line
DTT = Digital Terrestrial Television
EKE = Exstended Kalman Estimator
EMI = ElectroMagnetic Interference
EMI = Electronics Manufacturing International
EMT = Electronic Manufacturing Technology
EMT = Electronics Manufacturing Technology
EPB = Ether Plan Backplane
EPTFE = Explanet polytetrafluoroethylene
ESAN = Embedded System Area Network
ESD = ElectroStatic Discharge
ETSI = European Telecommunication Standards Industry's
FEC = Forward Error Correction
FIPO = Field Instantly Programmable Oscillator
FIR = Focused Infra-Red
FMEA = Failure Mode Effect Analysis
FPC = Flexible Printed Circuit
FPGA = Field Programmable Gate Array
FRAM = Ferroelectric Random Access Memory
FT = Functional Tester
GFD = Ground Fault Detector
GPRS = Digital Packet Service
HID = Human Interface Divices
HTCC = High Temperature C0-fired Ceramic
IAD = Integrated Access Device
IAP = In Application Programming
ICT = In-Circuit Tester
ISDB = Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting
ISM = Industrial Scientific Medical
ISP = In System Programming
ISP = Internet Service provider
JCAE = Java Card Application Environment
JCVM = Java Card Virtual Machine
JEIDA = Japanese Electronic Industry Association
JTAG = Joint Test Action Group
KOCAP = Kermet Organic Capacitor
LCM = Light Control Module
LDO = Low Drop Out
LEC = Local Exchange Carrier
LFBGA = Low-Profile Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array
LTCC = Low Temperature C0-fired Ceramic
LTCC = Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic
LVDS = Low Differential Signal
MAFE = Modem Analog Front End
MEMS = Micro Electro Mechanical System
MIPS = Million Instructions Per Second
MLCC = Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitor
MLF = Micro Lead Frame
MLP = Meridian Lossless Packing
MLS = Multi Line Scan
MMICs = Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits
MOEMS = Micro Opto Electro Mechanical System
NFI = Near Filed Imaging
OADM = Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
OCC = Optical Cross Connects
OCLP = Over Current Latch up Protection
OCP = Over Current Protection
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
OLED = Organic Light Emitting Diode
OLP = Over Load Protection
OSC = Office Systems Consulting
OVP = Over Voltage Protection
PAD = Personal Access Device
PCS = Personal Communication System
PDM = Product Data Management
PFC = Power Factor Correction
PIN = Positive Intrinsic Negative
PPTC = Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient
PSP = Parallel Signal Processing
PSRR = Power Supply Rejection Ratio
PWM = Pulse Width Modulation
PZT = Lead Zirconate Titanate
QoS = Quality of Service
RAD = Rapporto di Assorbimento Dielectrico
RCD = Residual Current Device
REC = Reed Exhibition Companies
RTOS = Real Time Operating System
RTV = Real Time Vision
SAR = Specific Absorption Rate
SAR = Successive Approximation Register
SAW = Surface Acoustic Wave
SEPIC = Single-End Primary Inductance Converter
SERA = Sequential Electrochemical Reduction Analysis
SFF = Small Form Factor
SLC = Surface Laminar Circuit
SOA = Safe Operating Area
SOI = Silicon On Isolator
SOPC = System On Programmable Chip
SPACE = Surface Process Assembly Cost Estimator
SPD = Single Polarizer Display
SPOT = Smart Platform Operator Terminal
SST = Spread Spectrum Timing
TCR = Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
TCXO = Temperature Compensate Crystal Oscillators
THD = Total Harmonic Distortion
THR = Thrue Hole Reflow
TIA = Totally Integrated Automation
TOC = The Theory of Constraints
TOC = Typical Operating Caracteristics
TRM = Temper Resistant Module
TVS = Transient Voltage Suppression
UMS = United Monolithic Semiconductor
UMTS = Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
VCSL = Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
VFC = Voltage Fluxe Control
VFD = Vacuum Fluorescent Display
VLIW = Velocity Long Instruction Word
VON = Voice Over Networks
VPN = Virtual Private network
VSWR = Voltage Standing Wave Radio
WAN = Wide Area Network
WEEE = Waste European Electrical Electronic Equipment
WIAs = Wirless Internet Appliances
WRAP = Web Ready Appliances Protocol