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Israel Air Force Magazine English Edition Launch.

Tel Aviv, Israel (November 2001): The Israel Air Force Magazine launches its English-language edition, after more than 50 years of reporting Israel Air Force aviation news. The Israel Air Force Magazine English Edition, an official publication of the Israel Air Force, brings to the international readership the same level of quality articles and remarkable images offered in the Hebrew Edition since the inception of the State of Israel.

The Israel Air Force Magazine Hebrew Edition, in print since 1948, is put together by actual IAF recruits and is issued by the Israel Ministry of Defense Publishing. The Magazine has inspired the imagination and captured the hearts of discerning minds - from defense personnel to aviation enthusiasts - with thought-provoking articles and award-winning images. The English edition is published bi-monthly, in harmony with its Hebrew sibling, and told from the unique point of view of IAF crew. Articles range from discussing new aircraft and technology, analyzing current global events, to telling the personal accounts of commanders and pilots.

"Many people don’t know this, but the Magazine is an educational journal probing contemporary issues in the military aviation world and presenting the reader a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the experiences of actual Israel Air Force crew, which co-write, edit, and take the pictures," says publisher, Doron Mor. "This is reflected in the Magazine’s frank editorials and raw look."

In the November-December 2001 issue: a special report for the English Edition by Israeli aviation specialist, Aharon Lapidot; IAF long-distance flight training is at an up rise; IAF flight school graduates, including first female fighter pilot, ready for new global challenges; satellite imaging is sending us a clear message; Phantom of the Aperture; an astronaut's "dear diary" departure; world's third largest air force spins a silky set-up; Nazi-era terror in the sky; why weren't the Concentration Camps destroyed?; new alliances are forged; long-standing pacts, strengthened; and lots of interesting IAF facts and figures.

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