Corsi di lingua italiana a CASALE, la capitale del Monferrato

  Italian language courses in CASALE, the capital of Monferrato


  Istituto di Lingua Italiana

  Via Canina 13 – 15033 Casale Monf. -  Italy

  Tel. ++39 142 453585 Fax ++39 142 70843  e-mail


The city

Casale Monferrato is located in the centre of the Milan-Turin-Genoa triangle.

It is a pleasant small city, rich in historical monuments, situated at the foot of the Monferrato hills, one of the most famous wine producing areas in Northern Italy; Barbera, Grignolino, Barbesino, Malvasia, Freisa and Bonarda are some of its most popular D.O.C. wines.  Casale is only 15 minutes away from Valenza, a city renowned worldwide for its gold and silver smiths, and from Vercelli and its rice-cultivated fields. Casale is a very safe place and our students have always found the local population very friendly and welcoming.

The school

The “Istituto di Lingua Italiana”  is part of The English School Of Casale, which was established in 1965. It is located within the parameters of the City Centre in an attractive 16th Century building (Palazzo del Carretto). It operates with the approval of  the Ministry of Education (“Presa d’Atto”)  and in ’99 it obtained the UNI EN ISO 9002 Certificate.

The courses

A language assesment test places students in groups of the same level (max 8/10 students). Carefully balanced programmes cover all aspects of language learning, with an emphasis on spoken comunication.

During their courses all students have free access to our library, video library and language lab.

You can start your 1 to 1 course on any Monday of your choice; group courses begin on the following dates:   23rd  June  – 7th July  – 21st July –  4th August - 1st September

Social programme

Welcome party - ILIT night out - guided tour of the city and of the typical Monferrato villages nearby -guided tour of some goldsmiths of Valenza, world famous for its jewellery - trekking - horse riding  - piemontese cooking - wine tasting tours - wine appreciation course.

Full programme of included activities with  tutors and of  “ILIT special price” activities, clubs, restaurants and facilities on request.


Type of course



1 to 1


Standard courses

2 weeks – 30 hours

Morning or afternoon

9.30/12.30   or  17.00/20.00

€ 294,00

€ 750,00


Intensive courses

2 weeks – 60 hours

Morning and afternoon

9.30/12.30   16.30/19.30

€ 576,00

€ 1.440,00


Language and social programme

2 weeks – 30 hours + activities

Morning and afternoon

9.30/12.30 + social activities

€ 576,00



Combination Course

2 weeks – 30 hours  group + 15 h. 1 to 1

Morning and afternoon

9.30/12.30 + lesson at agreed time

€  700,00



Business Italian

1 week – 30 hours                  

Morning and afternoon

9.30/12.30   16.30/19.30


€ 855,00


 12 week programme

180 hours                        

Morning and afternoon

9.30/12.30   16.30/19.30

€ 1.728,00



Supplementary week

1 week – 15 hours                    

Morning and afternoon

9.30/12.30   16.30/19.30

€ 147,00

€ 375,00

We look forward to meeting you !

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