Auomini a cavallo.jpg (13133 byte) considerable portion of the North-Western sector the province on the borders of the Oristanese area occupied by the commune of Guspini which cludes the metalliferous heights of the Northern lesiente and the Campidano plain crossed by the Rio di Montevecchio as far as the mere of Santa Maria di Neapolis.To the mountainous portion belong the natural attractions, such as the communal park of Gentilis, rich in springs, and the pine woods Monti Mannu and Montixeddu, there are also eas of Mediterranean bush rich in edible mush-rooms, and various types of non-migratory game (e nough to justify the existence of a game protection and a breeding and hunting area ) including wild boar, while the mere of Santa Maria offers a haven to the pink flamingo ("sa genti arrubia")..The most interesting items are however to be found in the geologica! formations and include the cave of Velicaṇ (on Monte Margherita) which has not yet been fully explored, the mine of Montevecchio and the quarry of Cuccureddu ‘e Zeppara.The Mine of Montevecchio in the period immediately following the Second World War was one of the largest and most productive mines in Europe.As witness to this, the visitor can stili see the enormous tip heaps forming the great clarification bed and the equipment round the shafts, the machinery and buildings which today house the few remaining inhabitants, survivors of a much more numerous population which has by now abandoned this area and moved either to Guspini or Arbus.