Dr. Sebastiano Venturi
investigator on Iodine Deficiency Disorders
and Iodine metabolism

-Iodine in biology
-Extrathyroidal iodine
-Gastric cancer
-Atrophic gastritis
-Breast cancer
-Salivary Glands
-Oral Health
-Iodine metabolism
-Iodide as an antioxidant
-Neuropsycological Pathologies
-Evolution of Dietary Antioxidants
-Vitamin C in Evolution
-Selenium: Evolution in Biology

Dr. Sebastiano Venturi
via Tre Genghe n. 2;  47864
PENNABILLI (RN) ;  (Italy)

Tel : (+39) 0541 928205.

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Updated March 12, 2011

Sebastiano Venturi



Sebastiano Venturi M.D.

Servizio di Igiene, ASL n.1, Regione Marche
Via Delle Tre Genghe, 42
47863 Pennabilli (RN) Italy
tel. +39 541 928205
E-mail: venturi.sebastiano@gmail.com

Web-site: http://web.tiscali.it/iodio/

Personal Information

Sebastiano Venturi was born May 2, 1947 in Pennabilli (Pesaro e Urbino), near to the ancient Republic of San Marino, where he frequented the secondary high school. He graduated with full honors in Medicine and Surgery in 1972 at Bologna University. He worked for a year in Department of Surgery of Hospitals of Pesaro and Cattolica (RN) and for one year in the Department of Neurosurgery of Padova University. In 1975 he worked for one year as medical officer in Italian Air Forces. Since 1976 he works for National Health Service in Department of Hygiene & Preventive Medicine. In 1981 he worked two months in Lagos (Nigeria) as hygienist. From 1989 to 2002 he collaborated in clinical, laboratory research and in some congress organization with Department of Endocrinology of Pisa University directed by Prof. Aldo Pinchera. In 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 he was lecturer at the “Thyroid Club” Annual Meeting held in Bologna University and in 2006 in Urbino University. Dr. Venturi is author of more than 60 international and national scientific publications, of one monograph (1978), one book-chapter (1987), one book (1985).

- Venturi S. Preliminari ad uno studio sui rapporti tra cancro gastrico e carenza alimentare
iodica: prospettive specifiche di prevenzione. Editor U.S.L. n.1, Regione Marche;
Novafeltria (PU). 1985. pp. 203

- Venturi S. Studio delle tireopatie nell'Alta Valmarecchia e loro profilassi, Monograph.
Editor Botticelli, Novafeltria (PU), 1978. pp. 34

- Venturi S, Marani L, Magni MA. Syndrome thyro-gastric. Study on the relation between
alimentary iodine deficiency and gastric cancer. In: Ghironzi G, Jackson CE, Schuman BM,
Editors. Epidemiology Prevention and Early Detection of Gastric Cancer. Editor CIC Intern.
Rome, 1987. (Chapter of book)

- Venturi S, Venturi M. Iodio ed Evoluzione. Published in: D. Meringolo, D. Bianchi e B. Bellanova. “Guida alla Epidemiologia e Prevenzione del Gozzo Endemico” , 8 Luglio 2006, Bologna, ASL Ed. Pagg. 11-25 (Chapter of book)

- Thyroid Hormone, Iodine and Human Brain Evolution Venturi S. and Bégin M. E.: "Human Brain Evolution: The Influence of Freshwater and Marine Food Resources" by: Cunnane S. and Stewart K. Publisher: John Wiley, 2010. (Chapter of book)

Lectures in:

- International Congress “Influenze ambientali sulla patologia tiroidea” on: “Extrathyroidal Iodine
Deficiency Disorders” held at Pennabilli (PU) (Italy) July 9, 1995

- Congress “Gastric Cancer”: on “Iodine and Gastric Cancer” held at Pennabilli (PU)(Italy)
July 6-7, 1996

- International Congress “Membrane Functions and Antioxidants” with participation of the Nobel
Prize 1993- Dr. Kary Mullis: on “Iodide as Antioxidant” held at Pennabilli (Italy) July 6-7, 2001

- International Congress “ Iodine and Breast Cancer” on “Iodine and Evolution” held at San Leo
(PU) (Italy) Oct. 26, 2002

- “Thyroid Club” Annual Meeting, at Bologna University on: “Iodine, Evolution and
Carcinogenesis”. Feb. 4, 2004

- “Thyroid Club” Annual Meeting, at Bologna University, on: “Role of iodine in Salivary Glands
and Oral Health: a Primitive Antioxidant? “. Febr.16, 2005

- “Thyroid Club” Annual Meeting, at Bologna University, on: “Role of Iodine and other
Antioxidants in the Evolution”. Febr.23, 2006

- “Thyroid Club” Annual Meeting, at Bologna University, on: “Iodine, Goiter and Breast Cancer" and
"Evolution of Dietary Antioxidants”. Febr.6, 2007

- Convegno Nazionale di Endocrinologa Clinica on “Iodio ed Evoluzione”, 8 Luglio 2006
Bentivoglio (Bologna)

- Lecture at Urbino University on “Iodine and Cancer” , Dec. 1, 2006

- Invited to lecture “Iodine and Extra-thyroidal Carcinogenesis” in Bad Hall (Austria) Congress on Iodine, March 10, 2007

- Invited to lecture at "The 2nd Esophageal & Cardiac Cancer Summit" in Beijing, China, October 18-20, 2007

- Lecture at Urbino University on “Iodine, Evolution and Carcinogenesis” , Nov. 14, 2007

-February 29, 2008 -- Kraków, Poland POLISH ACADEMY of SCIENCES, PAN:
Seminary in Nuclear Medicine and Biology "Rola jodu pozatarczycowego w organizmie czlowieka",
on article "Ewolucja diety antyoksydacyjnej" ("Evolution of dietary antioxidant defences")
of Sebastiano Venturi and Mattia Venturi

- Lecture at Perugia University on “Iodio, Evoluzione e Cancro Gastrico” , May. 28, 2008

- Elected as a member of "Italian Thyroid Association: History Section". December 2008, at Aosta in Italian Thyroid Congress

-Kraków, Poland
INSTITUT of NUCLEAR PHYSICS, PAK: Seminary "Rola jodu pozatarczycowego w organizmie czlowieka",
on article "Evolution of dietary antioxidant defences" of Sebastiano Venturi and Mattia Venturi, May 12, 2010

-Hong Kong, March 10-11, 2001, "5th International Functional Food Symposium"
Evolution of Dietary Antioxidants

Dr. Venturi has served as a grant reviewer for the:

the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR), British Columbia's funding agency

and as an ad hoc reviewer for the:

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

International Journal of Cancer

Acta oncologica

Tumor Biology


Surgery Today

European Journal of Nutrition

Endocrine-Related Cancer



Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry

Clinical Nutrition


Areas of interest:

-Iodide as antioxidant -Goitre -Neuropsychological Pathologies -Cretinism -Iodine metabolism
-Immunity -Iodineprophylaxis -Atrophic gastritis -Gastric Cancer -Breast Cancer -Salivary Glands and Oral Health - Terrestrial Life Evolution.

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